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  • i'm glad we share that view!
    releasing only brings forth Whining, Hate and Dislike, i felt like that when Pidgeot was gone XD.
    Oh... I'm so tired of people who want Ash's Pokémon to be released, i'm with you, and i imagine you are even more tired than i am.
    Oshawott is awesome at times, though other times its annoying xD I do love the possibility of it becoming Daikenki too though. Even though it hasn't done much I really like Mamepato a lot too :3

    Happy New Year!
    I know! Even though I like Noctowl and Staraptor more, from that battle its obvious that Swellow is Ash's most agile bird. Also, its japanese voice is creepy xD I was not expecting a voice like that for a bird.

    Way above mine too! He was definitely the 2nd strongest trainer in the league.
    xD I ike the randomness though. Even though it'll be a short, its good to see a match filled with unexpected Pokés.

    Yea, you're right, they all seem justifiable. Sceptile is my fave of the bunch there. Too bad it'll go down fairly quickly. (But everyone will, so blah).

    Croconaw would be nice. But I'm not too bothered who it is a lnog as they put up a good fight and someone smacks that Darkrai silly :3
    League is going pretty good. Torterra's performance was disappointing, Infernape unnecessary wins too. But the battles are going pretty good.

    Bayleef and Totodile not being used would be pretty disappointing but if the writers could put together an interesting and unique team it'll still be cool :D
    Haha. Sounds good to me! It'l be interesting to see how a slow tank like Torterra would fare against something as speedy as Ninjask.

    For some reason I can see Bayleef doing it xD. But I'm fine with Totodile. Plus if it is Totodile, I'm sure it would win in some cool and amusing way. Haha.
    Hahaha. I know right? Heracross' typing and attacks seem to almost too good to be true for the battle. Almost like Torterra for Sunyshore Gym..and we all know how that went xD I actually hoping that one of those three you mentioned d get the honour of being the one to make Darkrai faint :D

    I know D: I hope it onl takes down 2 of PAul's pokemon at most. I want everyone to shine xD
    I hope Muk gets some powerful moves and takes dwon something really big. It got unfaired in the Johto league going up against Gary's strongest Pokemon and then a steel type D:

    Totodile evolving would be pretty sweet. Plus it would soften the blow of Ash losing xD Also, it would benice to see a happy,dancing Croconaw and all the Johto starters being in middle form would be kinda nice.

    If Glalie gets used it suppose it could put up a good fight but be the fall guy. Or maybe Heracross. The other four need victories more.

    Hmm that's true. Though after the last Paul match Ash's pokes took a while to recover so we'll hafta wait and see if anyone'll be in good enough condition.

    Haha, if none of us are accurate with our choices I will be VERY shocked xD
    Hmm. Well Heracross is a given, so I'm thinking Bayleaf, Totodile and Muk for sure :D
    And maybee Glalie and Quilava/Torkoal? Its hard to choose which fire type as I think they both need it. But probably Quilava so it can be showcased properly.
    What are your views?
    Indeed. Bayleef had a pretty alright moveset before it left, it makes me wonder what awesome moves the writrs gave it.

    As for Totodile I can definitely see it with Ice Fang and Aqua Tail! xD Ice Fang because he loves to bite and maybe Aqua tail since Water Gun is the only Water move it knows I believe.
    True. The only reason I would want to see them battle though, is to see if they pcked up any cool new moves like Noctowl did :D

    xD Indeed. I can only imagine Sceptile and the others coming back more powerful than ever!
    Hahaha. Yea, it was nice to see it.

    Though, it makes me wonder. If Ash only makes it to the top 4 that means that nonoe of his Hoenn pokes might get used D: Most likely for HGss promotion he'll use his Johto pookes against the LT no? Unless we see the top 4 as a shortened full battle.
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