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  • xD. And to think Dusknoir was the ghost type and didn't seem as creepy as either of them! Haha.

    ROFL! xD

    Indeed! From the preview I'm hoping Buizel takes out Gastrodon and gives Drapion a good fight. I do wonder who Torterra will go up against.

    xD. Yeah. Normally with Pikachu I wouldn't mind it being the fall guy, but it really did take a backseat in Sinnoh and needs a win against PAul. Its gonna be exciing seeing who comes out with wins :D

    Haha. Yeaah, Glalie vs Froslass would've been awesome. I wonder if Ash was really oging to use it before Gliscor came back.
    After the hilarity and aweosmeness in this battle I'm definitely psyched for the rest of the league and no doubt Ashg vs Paul is gonna be a match to remember!

    Haha, had to post twice because of the character limit xD
    Haha. The blue Falre Blitz does look quite awesome. Though, since we know that Infernape will be the main attraction of this battle, I'm actually looking forward to see what Ash's other Pkemon like Buizel , GLiscor and Torterra will do as they haven't hafd a win a quite a while :D

    Haha, I thought today's battle was definitely the best in the league so far. I agree with you about Donphan seeing how we know that it already proved to be a powerful battle back in BF. I enjoyed watching Gible finally perfect Draco Meteor and getting some KO's and I loved seeing Noctowl even more! Seeing I come back a completely new movepool and get a win was really awesome ^_^.

    Conway's strategy was very nice and his pokemon were sorta creepy just like him xD. That extra sloppy Lick from Lickilicky was pretty gross xD And the way Shuckle swapped its head wtih its butt to sludge bomb Gible in the mouth was pretty weird too ,haha.
    Well lets see. Like you said Heracross vs Kricketune was awesome. The other matches ended too quickly though. I'm hoping next epiosde we at lest see the final Pokemon square off for Ash in the top 32 and then have Barry and Paul duke it out for the majority of the rest of the episode.

    I too, am fearing for the battles to be rushed. At this rate all the Sinnoh pokemon might just be seen against Paul and that's it :/ I want the reserves to show thier strength too, but moreso the Sinnoh mons. I also hope the full battles we see aren't OHKO fests. Yeah, its not going the way I expected either xD
    :D. Heya! Oh that cool! ^^ My graduation is in two weeks. How was yours. Yep I have a lot of free time too now XD, I'm really psyched for those episodes too. Who would've thought we'd ever see a Quilava on Ash's side? Haha. I'm thinking this league'll be the best one yet seeing what Sinnoh has given us so far.
    Yep, I've been busy too, but I've been trying to keep up XD. Infernape's nice and all but even though Grotle's evolution seemed so random, I'm more interested in Torterra XD. I can't wait to see Togekiss either. And with Jessie getting more ribbons things are going pretty smooth. The only things that could make the series better no is if the writer's randomly throw some surprise evo or event our way :D. I can't wait to see the Sunyshore Gym battle either.
    Lol, I think it was Tentacool for May XD
    I actually forgot about the fire/ice combo! Haha. I wonder if it will be perfected by now.
    Lol. Infernape vs Paul in the league will be great.

    Ursula does seem like a really great rival for Dawn. I do hope she gets focus on in the GF. What are you expecting for this contest? I mean, Dawn winning would be great as she's taking forever to get ribbon #5 and it'll probably make Ursula go all out against her in the GF. But Urslua winning will make the rivalry even more intense in the GF, but Dawn would've lost 3 contests in a row D:
    Of course, Jessie could just whip them both.Haha.
    Haha. I know! Torteera was especially an awesome surprise. With all the rivals seemingly being there for the GF and the league..wow. I cant imagine the battles we're gonna see XD
    Hey! So tell me, what do you think about the recent opening? Besides the fact that its awesome and the best I've ever seen. XD
    Haha. Rice, cole slaw, potato salad, fried fish, sweet potato pie, baked ham. The works. I'm a chef in disguise XD
    Lol, it was pretty boring over here. The food was good though, as I made it XD

    LOl. Indeed he is. Seeing Gliscor go was sad, but Gible is indeed a great replacement. It seems like an all round poke with good personality and moveset.
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