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  • Bahaha its been a while since I've posted, I found out from a few other people. When D/P was going Pearlshipping was the most popular, course Kenny was least liked rival since that Ash clone back in Kanto and that was the only possible love intrest she has. I love Pearlshipping the most though so, heard Dawn was waiting for Ash in the next episode so sweet ^

    Iteru thanks the game looks great too bad they can't do the same with the anime. I want N in the anime dang it! I don't want the characters replaced but I do want him as the main villain and rival to Ash.

    Commanderpigg I'm hopping Ash comes back in the newest tournament, it'd be weird if he didn't since he goes to each region Ash goes to so..

    Kishore Plot is gyms/evil teams V.S Ash, I think romance subplot could be an ok add in thats me though. I'd be thrilled if Pearlshipping happened at the end of the anime.
    Maybe its best none of the pairings did I guess though, Ash pairings can be left up in the air that way.

    Likeitornot I don't mind if you try Dentoxpaul, that'd be in the never meet pairings, unless he shows up in the anime at some point.

    Nour386 ??? I just love Ash pairings and probaly ship him with any one or any Pokemon :p
    The promo is for the BW2 games. It's animated and was drawn by OLM, the same company who does the Anime. You can find more details on it and watch it here.
    Pearlshipping is the most popular shipping in Japen !!!
    Where did you found this News ???
    Although , I want a Ash related romance that actually gonna serve a purpose in Anime plot !
    Ash's relation with Ether Misty , Dawn or Iris doesn't serve any purpose in the anime plot at all !
    That why I wanna girl rival because her Romantic feeling for Ash might serve a purpose in her rivalry with Ash .
    That why Contestshipping is much better then Any Ash related shipping.
    Because Drew and May's romantic relation serve a valuable purpose in their rivalry with each other !
    Due to there being two fanclubs for KHR!, the Vongola Famiglia and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, they will be merged together in the latter.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    You don't mind if I try and name Cilan x Paul? I looked it up, and I had no matches, and your suggestion on "Which girl do U want for Ash?" gave me the idea. Of course, you should name it, but if you don't want to, I will be willing to help.
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