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  • I'm fine thanks.
    How have you been?
    I've been supper excited for this Thursdays episode.
    I'm on the edge of my seat to see who wins.
    Why can't we all be friends now?
    We just have to respect each other's opinions on our ships we like is all.
    I hope you'll be fine,I mean at least there was series 1 % 2 for you guys, you got a lot of hints during those two series. Got a better closer for Misty than May got.
    I hope Dawn gets a better ending. I'll miss her.
    Your welcome.
    Thanks for understanding,

    You see I've been fighting my depression over pokeshipping, I want to stop worring about it and get closure. Earlier this year here on this forum people found an article saying Misty never like Ash romantical and I think that's BS. I was depressed but I got over it quick because I know that guy can't work for pokemon anymore.

    I'm sad too Dawn is leaving I'm glad pearlshipping was mention thanks to Lyra, I'm sure Ash will get a memento of Dawn or Visaversa or both.

    Flame wars are a waste of time, I use to fight but I was immature and they just get me more depressed so I learning to stay out of them.

    Thanks for answering hopefully when these shipping wars end we can be friends.
    Well I'm sorry about that.
    I mean, I know Dawn's leaving and am a Pearlshipper.
    That doesn't mean I'm going to go into depression about it.
    Your right, they must cuz they do leave little some things for all ships.
    Its turning into a War Zone? That's silly. There shouldn't be a reason to fight. I respect your opinion on it all, but some times I do get a little confused about these things I guess.
    I've been planning a possible suicide since 2002 BEFORE I knew misty was leaving the show and went through depression in 2001 because there was no hints in johto, I am the real deal when I said am the suicidal pokeshipper.

    The misty being dead thing was me reference to a conversion with scott years ago... I wasn't serious...

    Honestly I think the creators have special littleness for ALL shippings and shippers, hence why Pearlshipping and advanceshipping both have hints in DP. But it's only Misty have hinted at likeing Ash so I expect her crush on Ash to be confrim like Anabel's was. After all pokeshippers have been through we deserve at least that. Plus don't think I hate Pearlshipping I even have a website with pearlshipping hints. I even drew a pic of her and May kissing Ash's cheeks while high fiving. I'm Melody1989 on DA.

    If you want to understand me better send me a PM because, I'm sick of posting on that thread it's turning into a flame war.
    Awe thanks. I have to say, I'm not a Pokeshipper but I do respect your opinion on that. I am excited for the Grand Festival, I want to see Bunary in action. Hopefully Dawn will let it be an action the entire time, yes she's my favoirite of Dawn's. Nice to see your a Pearlshipper thread too.
    Thanks, I love your posts. You are very positive. I love Pearlshipping too!

    Buneary is so awesome, you excited for Dawn's GF? Also, Jessie rocks!
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