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    What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Last few: Japan Earths Enchanted Islands Mock The Week Big Bang Theory
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    Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    Last film that I watched was Spy I laughed all the way through Thought it was very funny It wasn't flawless but best comedy ive seen for a while
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    Your "HOLY CRAP!!!" Moments

    The moment I saw they were doing a remake of Final Fantasy 7 is my most recent as I had absolutely no idea it was in the pipeline at all
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    Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Concert!

    I am really looking forward to the fact that they are going to do a European tour next year. Hopefully they will have a couple UK dates or one in London in at least
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    What career would you like to have if you were in the Pokemon world?

    I would either be a Pokémon surgeon or breeder mainly because that's what I do and the field of work I want to get into anyways
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    Most Useless Game Feature?

    The mail and mailbox features and items never used them in all the time they have been in the games
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    Your "YES!" moments

    My latest yes moment was getting to meet some fellow Pokémon fans at MCM London as well as having a battle and getting a Beldum in a trade I also got a free Mew off another guy was an epic weekend
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    What's your oldest (or most precious) Pokemon plush or toy?

    The talking Pikachu plush which I got when I was 10 I even took it on holiday with me
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    Evolution during battle?

    I have to agree with a previous poster they have quoted in the anime before as far as I can remember that they are specifically vulnerable or weakened during and initially after evolution due to the amount of energy that has been used in the process. In the game this part of the mechanic would...
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    I have returned

    Thanks I have the experience with the podcast so if any admins wanna get in touch about anything new like that then I will be happy to help
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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    I am 26 now and I still feel and act the same as I did when I was 18
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    Used Metronome!

    ashita Used Metronome it became Defence Curl!
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    Your Favourite Half-Hour Sitcom?

    I still enjoy Big Bang Theory I think the quality of the current series has declined a little recently but I still enjoy Plus the first few series of Only Fools and Horses were 30 minute episodes so that counts even though later series episodes were longer
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    What Japanese Song Are You Currently Addicted To?

    Kira Kira Killer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu That's what is rattling around inside my head right now Its a very catchy track Plus I have probably got it stuck in my head as I just been watching MoshiMoshi Nippon on NHK World
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    Bulbagardeners' Nationalities

    United Kingdom here one of those places where pokemon related items or material can be a bit difficult to find outside of say London