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  • You've never heard of Smogon? OMGWTF?!?!?!

    Smogon is the equivalent to God's facebook page when it comes to competitive battling. It has tiers, movesets, How to EV your pokemon to meet up with Standards. Sometimes it's brilliant when it comes to Stratagies, but sometimes I try and brek the mold a little, but hey, thats me for ya.

    They're all still with me, completely untouched by human hands. I can nickname them for free if you'd like.

    Well of course you're gonna end up with loads of failed pokemon when you want ones with a certain Nature and IV value. They just aren't the nature i was looking for. I like to construct very weird but suitable sets for my pokemon, and that means different Stats, which means different Natures from what Smogon may want us to do. I don't always agree with smogon -_-.
    All of my Starters are Lv1 (except for Pikachu, which is in it's 20's). Non are hacked, all are biproducts of failed breeding projects. What are you willing to trade for them?
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