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  • sorry buddy I forgot to log-in meeeeeep D:
    I replied though!
    also because I forgot to edit and there's the whole 1 PM per minute thing, I can try to do late night battling, but a lot of my classes start before 9 am and I think that'll probably end in disaster D:
    if last nights timing was bad for you we can move it back by an hour or 2 for the next time?
    my best times are 10pm-12am gmt (3:15am at time of posting) but if they don't work for you i can try something more suiting to you
    Tomorrow won't work, but 30th/31st should work if we can work around this gnarly timezone difference.
    I'm in need of a Aerodactyl for my gym and saw you have one, would you be willing to trade me it, I will pay what you have it valued at, $145,500 in a TM case.

    So let me know what you think.
    Ataro can I E4 you right now. Like right now, get on so I can E4 you. I don't want to have to report you man.
    I was wondering the same thing :x

    Assuming those times are your time, and iirc you're +12 from me, then I think I can do tomorrow 10 AM - 2/3 PM (not sure how early I'll wake up). 29th/30th are during the week and as such, I'd only be able to do at night my time, which would be morning your time.
    We will have to do battle for Budget. Elite Four would be nice too. Time zones are a bit of a pain though, so I'm not sure when will be good.
    we have added one another.perhaps we can think of a a time and day to be both online so that we can have HAs on our safaris
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