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  • hi !!
    i have a psychic type safari with abra,espurr and girafarig
    my fc 4270-2482-7129 ign steve
    would you be interested to add me?
    Sorry, would you mind approving my starting post? It looks like it may have been ignored, have I done something wrong?
    but sure! let me know what you want in it or if you want any of these in it!!

    TM Flame Charge
    TM Grass Knot
    TM Teleport
    TM X-Scissor
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
    Remember to send for turn 1 in the FFA! Move needed before I return from work and post the turn, which will be in roughly 24 hours.
    Assuming your message was sent at 8:46 PM your time, meaning my time zone calculations are correct, then Saturday morning your time would be best because that's Friday night my time and 6 AM would be 6 PM my time, so if that's the case then the earliest you can get on Saturday morning would be best. I often end up awake really late, but the earlier we can get started the better.

    Also, next time could you please post your VM on my page so I get a notification?
    I will only be back home on Friday. I will be online starting from 7-8pm onwards, and can probably stay up till 2am++. I'm GMT+8. Are we able to fix a timing around that time if you are free? I can also get online on Saturday morning (as early as 6/7am perhaps and am free possibly until 1/2pm.
    So looks like we've got to battle for Battle Factory. Time zones are fun >.< Let me know when you'll be free. This message is sent at 9:46 PM my time, for a reference of time difference.
    That's entirely fine! I'm sorry to hear that, and I hope things go better for you.

    I should be available all of Friday/Saturday. Yeah, I'm GMT -5. When's easiest for you Friday? I could probably manage a battle 9-10 am for me, which would be around 11 pm for you. Would that work?
    Wow. That's a 13 hour time difference. Um... By the looks of it, this message is timestamped at 8:15pm for you? Correct? If that's the case, the most free time for me this entire day is from roughly 5-7am for you. Now I understand that this probably won't work. I've got a party to go to, after that, and it should be over before 10pm my time. That's around 11am for you, I believe. Would you be free during that time period?
    Howdy! What times are you available to battle? I'd suggest this weekend, but I'm going to be incredibly busy throughout it. Is there any time from Monday-on that you'd prefer?
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