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  • That's boring. I'd enjoy school much more if defeating the teacher in battle got me a good grade. That would be awesome. How many teachers could you take? I think I could beat my World History, Math, Programming, and Physics teacher. And my study hall proctor.
    Aw. Sucks. I'm grounded, but hopefully will be ungrounded soon enough. I'm technically not allowed on, but my mother's asleep, so...Hey, wanna hear a scary story?
    *Knocked over, hugs back* Really? How about sleep net surfing? Hey, you gonna be on much in the near future? I'm making an RP. Gonna have a lot of randomness, so you might not like it, but otherwise, you should join.
    He probably would if he could talk. He's so cute! He's super nice and kinda fat, but really cuddly, and he likes to be held. He's very chatty, too. He meows a lot, see. What kinda pets do you have? You said you had a dog, if memory serves. Anything else?
    Maybe in PMs? That is, if you want to at all. But I'm a good listener and my door is always open. Or we could talk about unicorns. Oh, and my cat says hi.
    I'm not saying it should be. I think that we should try not to let our feelings effect how we act, not that we shouldn't feel. It's not good that your sad, but you have every right to be. Want to talk about it?
    You just don't understand the sorrow of encountering thugs who are up to no good, or the pain of your mama getting scared. But then I changed my mind and edited it. So you feel like there's a monster inside of you? Everyone has one. The trick is to know how and when to use it, know?
    Are you going to kill Brooke-chan? Because either the song is about the narrator's inner monster. I'm not much of a fan of Skillet, though. I prefer Modest Mouse. This is how I feel most of the time: TRIGUN-Stories to Tell - YouTube
    *Nods* So yeah, unicorns are the way to go. Whenever I have an assignment, and I don't know what to write about, I write about unicorns. If I need to write about the Anerican Revolution, I write about Paul Revere's unicorn. Of there's a math problem I don't know how to do, I draw unicorns. And if I need to write a noon report, I always do it on a book about unicorns. It'll get you an "A" every time.
    They are! Horses kick ass normally, right? I mean, they're big animals, they're fast, really strong, and have these hooves that can break bones, right? Now a unicorn is a horse with not just magical powers, but a crazy, nastyass spike coming out of their heads. I would not want to have a unicorn as an enemy.
    Ooh...Well talk about how because of all that, while things have no subjective meaning, we give them objective meaning. So there's no reason to stress over anything, because it's all meaningless, it all is, know? So you only need to care about what you want to.
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