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  • He sure knows how to write for the Clarinet too. I've played his 1st Concerto (F minor) - and that was my first attempt at a concerto. It was, indeed, a great piece to start - easy enough, yet an effective use for the clarinet.

    If you don't mind, can I add you on my friends list?
    Yeah, Mozart's concerto is essentially a music from God. What I find really beautiful is that while there is some room for interpretation, yet there is not one passage redundant. It's very demanding, and also very difficult to play it right, though - esp the 2nd and 3rd Movts. I only managed to do a playthrough of the 1st.
    What about CM von Weber? If I remember correctly, I think he wrote a Bassoon concerto too. Have you played it?
    I've been playing the clarinet for nearly 15 years now. I used to take Music as my Australian Year 12 subject in Adelaide, and practiced and played the Mozart concerto for my final exam. Now, however, I don't really have the time though. Have you ever played the Mozart Concerto for Basoon/Orch?
    My main instrument is the clarinet, although I have played the bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. I'm hoping to learn more on the latter in the future.
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