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  • Yeah, instability of image is just my way of saying that the picture's pose is kinda wonky. If it's equal on both sides, then your anatomy errors are less likely to be messed up. It does matter if you're aspiring to be a professional one day, like me. But I'm just crazy. XD

    The Pokeball? Ah, that's the only one I don't own. It's just some kind of badge for my Pokesona. I once used this one in an RP with Klopp. Basically, it was a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP where both of our characters were on the same exploration team. :3

    Oh, really? That's a shame... I've never even gotten any awards! You could've done so much awesome. I find a lot of people say they don't draw due to self-consciousness. I'm particularly self-conscious about it too, but I can't stop due to the fact that it's just kind of wired into my brain and I'm actually a bit cocky about my work whilst simultaneously being self-conscious about the flaws. I think it looks awesome and flawed. It's weird. But that cockiness keeps me going. It's good to be arrogant sometimes. XD

    Colors aren't that hard though. I just kind of slap things together that make sense to me and occasionally research Deviantart tutorials. But it might just be something that's intuitive. I find anatomy, pose, and facial expression to be the challenges.
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