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  • Ah, just me being silly neurotic. (This was before I developed the habit of constantly flipping the picture both directions, so it looks bad flipped the other way. That indicates instability of image. That's one flaw. @[email protected]) Thank you so much though! They're based on accessories I own in real life. Every single one.

    Hee, one of the stick figure types?
    Really? Thank you. :3 I myself am not too confident in it, as I think I have a lot to learn still. But I'm glad other people can enjoy it in spite of all the glaring flaws I constantly spot. (That's what sucks about being an artist. @[email protected]) I didn't think I could make someone think something is cuter than it actually is! Honestly, I don't think of my style as being very cute and it's not something I think of much. Must be the accessories or something. It is quite an awesome Pokemon though.
    Oh, it's you! Didn't think I'd be seeing someone from over there here. (More obsessed with the colorful horses than with Pokemon, the lot of them. XD) It's great to see you here though. You were always one of the few awesome people there. I'm totally happy to see you as well.
    You seem to love and play a lot of instrements. I don't play any instruments I just sing loudly to what ever tune I'm listening to.

    Learning about culture is good. I like african and asian culture.

    Have you never felt th heat of an online battle or trade? Aulos you're missing out! Than again I too just stick to offline play ane just keep training and getting better. What pokemon and types are you into?
    Do you play any instruments?

    If you are studying mespotamia you must like geography. I know a lot more in geography than history so if you have any questions fire away.

    I love being competative in pokemon. When I completet storylines I train nonestop until I can defeat the battle frontiers or battle subways. I was only able to defeat the singles and link bosses in pokemon white. It took a lot of expermineting and training but my sawk,haxorus and darmanitan seized victory after about 4 months training.
    I'm in love with rap music you get the explicite type and the non explicite type. I'm into both. There are a few song I like out of that genre it is unfair to say one is better than the other.

    My favourite topics in british history is the british empire and my favourite topic in greek history is thermopylae if you have ever heard about it.

    If you want your pokemon skills to improve I will teach you if you are interested once you get a wireless internet connection and once I get a 3 ds (possibly november). Think about it.
    My music interest are a lot different from yours. Being british, I'm into rap/hip hop music. I also like british and greek history and regulary research both. Im glad to be speaking to someone with common interests and also a pokemon veteran. How good are your skills?
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