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Recent content by Aulos

  1. Aulos

    American Politics Thread

    Why do they keep on saying "no president before has been subject to this" as if that is reason at all to condemn it?
  2. Aulos

    The Guilty Pleasure Thread

    Any 80s song I actually like (aside from those that are not following the trends of the time like the band Bridges) is a guilty pleasure for me because I've made it quite known that I do not like 80s music. lol.
  3. Aulos

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    I've been in Boulder, Colorado and the mountains for the last week plus and let me just say that is incredible here! Some days have been hot, but up here in the mountains there have been days in the 50s and 60s! Evenings get really cool to the point where we're cold when we wake up! A nice...
  4. Aulos

    Controversial Pop Culture Opinions.

    It's hard to find any kind of music that gets on my nerves as much as country music. As I said, it is the bane of me. Plenty of other music I don't care for, and I bet I wouldn't care for what you're talking about, but I can't really speak on that as I don't know who any of those people are. I...
  5. Aulos

    Controversial Pop Culture Opinions.

    You are so lucky! You have no idea. Can't even go to a restaurant without hearing that nonsense where I live. I only hope that it is not played as much once I move up north. Also, aren't Lynyrd Skynyrd and CCR more Southern Rock? I've never thought of them as country at all.
  6. Aulos

    American Politics Thread

    I'm no strategist, but I think Democrat politicians running for election this year need to showcase the fact that the Republicans have assured a nation-wide abortion ban when they gain power again. There is a lot of apathy, and I'm afraid that apathy could continue. If Democrats run on "We will...
  7. Aulos

    Controversial Pop Culture Opinions.

    Hey now. I've recently gotten back into listening some of the pop and rock from the early 2000s that I loved in my early teens - Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Staind, Fuel, etc. Is that immature and suspicious of me? =( Listening to the music I loved at all points of my life up to now is...
  8. Aulos

    Controversial Pop Culture Opinions.

    Hey, we're exactly half a year away from Christmas Eve, which made me think of giving one, or two unpopular opinions. Yes, I can tie them together! 1. Even as a former retail worker, I have never been able to understand the collective hate for Christmas music. Listen, the music they forced on...
  9. Aulos

    American Politics Thread

    It would be unwise to underestimate conservative Christians in the US. They have been gradually been pushing the US further and further right and their masks have been coming off more and more. One very worrying thing... I should note that while the vast majority of conservative Christians may...
  10. Aulos

    American Politics Thread

    She was mocked for saying that? sigh Have people read history? A Christian theocracy can be every bit as vile as an Islamic theocracy. The Bible is from an even earlier time than the Qur'an and has many, many barbaric rules in it, and the history of Christian theocracies in the middle ages...
  11. Aulos

    Things you “should” like but don’t

    Romanticism in Classical music (aside from some very late era music). I would say it's the only style of classical music I am not as big of a fan of, but if we began talking about 20th and 21st century styles (twelve tone serialism and beyond) then that wouldn't be true... BUT as far as early...
  12. Aulos

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Sunny, blazing hot and humid. Ugh.
  13. Aulos

    Movies/TV Commercials That Drive Us Crazy!

    On the radio there used to be (probably still are, but I don't listen anymore like I used to) commercials for our local airport parking service and they were soooooo annoying. Eventually they got one on TV and it was even worse with a bunch of people awkwardly dancing. It's funny thinking back...
  14. Aulos

    What was the last thing that made you happy?

    I got to go see a live performance of early music. My first time getting to do so, in fact. :O It was my first time actually hearing a harpsichord in person, I'm afraid to say. For shame, I know. (I have heard crumhorns before, as I have played one!) Early music just doesn't have much of a...
  15. Aulos

    What's your all time favorite video game soundtrack?

    Oh, gosh... Kingdom Hearts games (especially pre-KH3. Yoko Shimomura's style and frequent use of the oboe I adore) Zelda games Golden Sun games Pokemon mainline games (mainly Gens I-III, VI & VIII) Ace Attorney games Final Fantasy games (I haven't played many of them, though) Okami Super Smash...