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Recent content by AuraSoul93

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    Are You In Other Fandoms?

    Kamen Rider Digimon Marvel Five Nights At Freddy's PreCure Tiger & Bunny Naruto Bionicle Honestly I have a like/hate relationship with Pokemon to the point where I can't even put it on this list.
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    What youtube video did you watch last?

    Wish I could donate, hope he makes it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4dIgIJ7GOdA
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    POPULAR: Cliches in Pokémon Fanfiction

    Another one I've seen is a Shiny Pokémon always being bullied by others for being different, only for the also-bullied-for-being-"different" hero to come into the picture, befriend it & eventually catch it.
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    Pokémon D-Arts/S.H. Figuarts Thread

    Yeah, I've seen videos about that. A fully-articulated Venusaur just didn't seem right even on paper. Blastoise also suffered a little from its design but not nearly as much.
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    How to post videos

    After failing to find any aid on this I had to ask: how can I post videos? I see so many people do it easily when all I get is the link's URL in blue. I'd really appreciate some help on this, thanks in advanced.
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    Pokémon D-Arts/S.H. Figuarts Thread

    Cool, thanks. I just wanna get the obvious out of the way: aftermarket prices for Charizard & Blastoise are HORRENDOUS! Anyway, on to more positive thoughts, what Pokémon do you think will be most likely to get a Figuarts release next? I can see ZEROs being done of the Kanto & Hoenn Starters &...
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    Would you want your ship to become canon?

    I think the appeal of Shipping is the desire. You really want it to happen so you look for every possible hint, no matter how insignificant it might be. But when the Ship actually becomes official then it's just that; official. You're job is done & you now have nothing else to look forward to...
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    Will every Pokemon get a mega?

    Ah, okay. I think I misinterpreted the idea. I don't think there should be Megas for every individual Pokémon, just the evolution families. Sorry if I confused some of you. ^^;
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    Will every Pokemon get a mega?

    I feel like they do. Come on, nobody can buy Snorlax, Lapras, Jynx, Scyhter & other Pokémon of that build to be hatched/born as is. They needed to have some kind of smaller for which some of them thankfully have. Oh please. I wasn't acting like they committed a crime by not doing what I said...
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    Will every Pokemon get a mega?

    They need to give every Pokémon a Mega now. Why introduce a brand new concept that has a lot of thought & focus if you're not gonna run with it. And it may be divisive among forums like this there's no denying the draw & appeal of Mega Pokémon. They've been very successful & it would be a...
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    Things You Collect

    Going for all Heisei Era Main Kamen Riders in S.H. Figuarts. Also some Marvel Comic Books in trades.
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    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Re: Fan Fic Ideas Hmm, I'd say choose trainers from the games. The anime has so many different Pokémon for so many different characters that it'll be difficult choosing who has who on their team. Plus not every character has an equal amount of Pokémon at their beck & call, which is unfair...
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    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Re: Fan Fic Ideas I think this is too general & broad of a question. Are you looking for existing characters? Made up characters? What do you mean by "fighting" tournament? Is it any different than a regular league? What's the point of the tournament? Is it just a plain-old competition or is...
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    Speculation What you Remember most from R/S/E and how it should be made better in OR/AS

    I'm really looking forward to the Pokémon Contests. They're my absolute most favorite thing in Pokémon ever. Why is there no thread news page that talks about their game mechanics? ^^;
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    Is Pokemon getting too easy?

    My buddies actually asked me this yesterday. I think it's because so much emphasis is now put on the post-game & interactive features that the main stuff took a dive. That's just me though.