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  • I do in the PC. I need to teach it Earth Power via Tutor and Dragon Pulse and Steel Wing via TM and have it transferred over. Then breed that Male Aero with a Female Archen., and voila, you get your egg move-d Archen ;P
    Yeah, sure. I need to get an Aero from Gen IV with those moves transferred over first, though ;_;
    I find the expressions they are both making to be dead on to the picture of the CDI king, and princess zelda I looked at. :D If you haven't seen the CDI series look it up on youtube. You will get a good laugh! XD Shading, coloring, and backgrounds are my weak points actually, so thanks for the compliment on the shading. ^^
    My blog here needs updating; I have some new ones. If ever you need some breeding let me know and I'll do them (I <3 egg moves lol). :p

    Thanks for these! They are legit, though, right? :p
    Yeah, the trainer came out a little weird, but that's cause the pic ref was really hard to make out. :) I like all the ghosts in that one myself. I think I draw ghosts better than anything else. XD
    Nah it's just some doodles I either got requested for, or just doodles in my spare time. I will be uploading a Phoenix Wright picture that's in the zelda CDI style, so poeple can get a good laugh out of that. XD
    Eh. I just left o_O I'll head back in now? Unless you're going to suddenly leave again?
    Oh wow! So awesome! <3 Thank you so much! :D I can't trade right now, but I will be able to later. ^^ btw did you see my new gallery of my fail art. lol I have some poorly drawn pokemon, professor layton (humor), and wesker (humor) art in my gallery. I do take requests if you want something drawn. ^^
    Oh, right, you'll need to give me a few minutes to leave Wi-Fi and re-enter your FC, then :p
    Could I actually get an Adamant Ditto, a Calm Ditto, and the Swablu, for the three, then, please?

    I also need an Impish one, too. So is there anything else you want/need?
    Is the Vulpix Male? (I don't really need another Female, to be honest...)

    Let me get back to you about the Ditto I need; I need quite a few, it's just deciding which one I need the most.. :]
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