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  • Okies, thank you. :) Oh that will help a lot then. :D I may try looking for some nice egg moves for what will be my first rng breed. ^^ I will probably ask my sis to download the program when she gets online tonight. I really need to practice so I can get the hang of rnging in gen V. XD
    Really I can keep them? :0 Thank you! <3333 I will be sure to use smergle when I start to rng breed. :D I still have to get my sister to download the program for me. ^^; I just don't trust myself since I'm not as computer smart. lol
    Ok, and I was wondering when/If you can clone my ditto could you clone the pansage a couple of times too? I want to be able to evolve one, and keep the rest as the cute baby monkey. <3 Anyways, I'll see you online. :D
    okies, I'll be on here for a while today, so if we catch each other then we can trade. :3 also could you clone my ditto one more time? I have another friend on here that wants one. XD; I'm really sorry I have to keep bugging you about cloning too. >_<;
    oh yeah, take your time with it. no rush. XD If you need help with it like a shiftry with those moves let me know. I could try to get one on plat, and trade it over to black. lol Anyway thank you so much Aura. :D You are one of the bestest friends I've ever had. :3
    umm okies, could you breed a modest one with nasty plot, and leaf storm? You can get both egg moves with Shifty according to serebi. I don't know if the DW pansage is out yet, but if so overgrow would be helpful. If not gluttony works too. lol XD
    Oh yes I do. :) I love the monkey pokemon. <3 If it's not to much trouble for you. I know you are really busy. ^w^
    Hey dude! Hope you can do my favor 'bout the flawless Ditto :D
    Been really busy and takin' my time with White, have to beat 2 gyms.

    I'm so relieved that RNGing in Gen V is easy xD Only know how to RNG legends, want to do a RNG giveaway soon ;)
    Awesome! Thanks!

    I'll have to give it a try tomorrow night, then. :]
    Yepp.. got myself a shiny flawless DW Slowpoke in hitting my seed three times, twice to calibrate, and once with advancing the PID. Standard abuse has got even easier! :O
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