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  • Hey sorry I didn't see your post in the Project Sparkle thread...
    What do you want me to breed you (with my flawless ditto) and what can you offer for them?
    If you still want them the natures and genders are
    Steelix Adamant Male Lvl 52
    Feraigatr Jolly Female Lvl 31
    Ditto Quiet Lvl 31
    hey dude, here are a few members that I know do IV breeding, Hytarin, Troggy and I am sure that gamecodetrainer does, will have to triple check
    I'm not really good at getting more than 3 perfect IVs on a Pokemon, sorry. I'm still fairly new to the whole RNG breeding business. There are some other people on the forums who are experienced enough in RNG breeding to be able to make you something like that if you ask them.
    Maybe I can, but I think it would be easiest for you to get a Ditto from Showsni if you can. I tend to become VERY busy when I have school, and it's starting again for me tomorrow.
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