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  • First time I saw it was in Silver Version, without any animation, and it was still awesome. The fact that it's animated now (in full 3D, as of Gen VI) only serves to enhance its existing awesomeness exponentially. You simply can't go wrong with Typhlosion. :-D

    Maybe we should start a fanclub, if there isn't one already. :XD2:
    I just want to say, your avatar is made of win. Typhlosion has been my favorite Pokémon since Generation II was still the latest installment.
    Hello! I'm from Project Destiny/Crossroads on behalf of Harry, and he is collecting information from those not present in our meetings. He requests to know if you're still interested in our project. No worries if you're too busy! Thanks! ^^
    Oh and I forgot to thank you for the encouragement. So yeah, thanks XD. If you want more people reading your reviews, I suggest that you put a link to them on your signature.
    Who says I'm not working on them :p? I have actually planned what to write on about each and every 1st Generation Pokemon. While I was writing about a certain Pokemon(Butterfree), I kept on telling myself: "People are going to hate me for this. It's better if I stop." I was afraid of hate and with school projects piling in for me to do I stopped. Throughout these last 6 months, all I could think of was to write about these creatures, so I've made notes on what to write about each of them. Not just about what they're based on and their features, but also their impact and purpose in the franchise. I've got my O-Levels coming up now, so I really can't find the time to write anymore. I plan to get them all done by July though and I'm on the right track.

    Reading your reviews again they aren't biased. They're simple and straight to the point where you don't think that just because it's not your favorite, you shouldn't give it something good. I'd prefer if you just wrote a 6 instead of a 6.2, rounding the number to 1 decimal place but if that's how you want to write them then that's okay.
    Can you please show me the post?. I don't recall calling you biased or ever talking to you. Maybe you're confusing me with someone else?
    I am not sure if you check back on your blogs (or come back here for now on), but I just posted to say I posted a comment in your recent entry, since you want comments on that one.
    Hooray! My personal page will no longer cause seizures upon viewing. I have styled it exactly after my blog. Goodbye, Pikachu Overlord, hello Blue Array.
    In your blog? That really sucks. :( I hope you can work around them because I really enjoy them.
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