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  • The 'Best Sprite' thread you ended up creating wasn't really what you initially described. What you're doing in it right now is best suited to a series of Blog entries. Also, double-posting is against the forum's rules, which I notice you've done once in there.
    You can give it a try, provided you specify exactly what it is the thread is about (a comparison of sprites between games rather than individual sprites). After a while, if people don't stay on topic and just end up posting to say what their favourite sprite is, I'll merge it into the existing thread.
    You can bump this thread if you want to discuss best sprites. For future reference, the general Video Games area is still mostly for Gen IV, with Older Games being for I-III. Black & White still have their own section of the forum here, and that won't be merged with the regular Video Games area until the English release, as this is an English forum and most users are still on Gen IV.
    I love what you did with that thread with all the Pokemon. Post those attachments in the SpriteDump thread and you will get major major reception.
    I hope you know that we appreciate any work that helps us made by any member of the community, so keep it up. I do have a request though. In fact many people have a request. We would like for someone to take the map Isshu (preferably in game, but it doesn't have to be) and label it with all it's areas. Anyway, post it in the sprite thread, and do not be disappointed
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