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  • On positive side I could see writers perhaps reuniting Ash,Misty and Brock when pokemon comes to an end with purpose of things coming to full circle to emphasize better on show going back to its roots if they decide to end it in such way.
    Original trio was proven to be successful being extremely popular to this day starting pokemon series becoming iconic and most recognizable group in this show so i wouldnt completely rule out possibility of getting them reunited for last season or something with demand for it being huge among fans.

    Especially if another Kanto remakes come out making sense to use Misty and Brock to help promote them having marketing value behind it and justified reason to be used in that case.
    I cant blame you for it.Misty and Brock added some spark and charm which seem to be lacking nowdays with show not having same type of humor and such colorful and multidimensional chemistry original trio used to have.Both in Kanto and Johto they worked as group great feeling like family with good dynamic being present between them.You can see in departing episode at end of Johto when Misty was upset being on verge of tears and when Ash burst out in tears when she and Brock had to leave how close they were as group.

    Its like writers are this days trying to send message"screw original series and characters"which is really sad ignoring Misty completely like she fall from face of existence with Brock additionally being replaced recently too.Which is unfair and disrespectful for both characters and fans with original Ash traveling companions being part of original trio which is most iconic and recognized worldwide making this show popular in first place leaving big impact on it.,Not to mention it was silly to get rid of characters which had stamina to stay and potential to offer more on table.Especially Misty who was not fleshed out as character enough with many things being left unexplored in hr story.She never received closure either being forced to go back to gym and take care of it while her goal of becoming water master was left unfinished and at standstill.
    Well not much have been going on,you could say i enjoyed in charms of summer,reading books and hanging out with friends.
    So did you watched BW so far?
    Yeah. But the only story I wrote is about Call of Duty, and I have never written anything since, although I have some ideas of a Pokeshippy story, but it was just so weird.
    I'm going on hiatus for about 6 months starting from 4th December. I've to concentrate on my academic life at the moment.

    Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!!!
    You haven't been here very long, so unless you've seen my sig, you wouldn't know that I'm working on a pokeshipping fic. I just put up another chapter last night, and I thought you might like to read it.
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