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  • Yeah! Ash needs to just go back to Johto to me with May! I don't care if there's a ZJohto Battle Fortier! As long as he be with May with Advanceshipping hitns then I'm fine with it! I wish Ash should of at least defeated the Johto Battle Fortier and then go to Isshu, we could at least see our favorite girl at least one last time and season for a while. I'm hoping to see Ash and Pikachu go back home to see May, Misty, Tracey, and ect. It'll be soooo cool wih nostaglic and I bet they'll be Advanceshipping hints! Hopefully May will stop her Coordinator dream for a while to be with Ash! It'll be soooo awesome! Please writers! Let the fans speak and say LET MAY STAY!
    Yeah! What's so great about Misty anyway! I mean I like her but I don't want to see her beating the CRAP out of everyone 24/7! I would rather see May be in there 24/7 making things more interesting. I can't believe Ash put on a girl's outfit for May! That episode was soooo funny! Anyway, I kinda hate it on how they change every girl or boy just to advertise the games. Sure that's new charaters but I'm tired of the new charaters! BRING BACK MAY! We, Advanceshippers will come into their headwuaters and change the B/W/ scripts and put May in there and May will stay with Ash forever! I saw the new B/W/ website! It was long and awesome but I saw Iris and the new guy, I don't think Ash will look good in the B/W's clothes! I don't care what happens to anyoe besides Ash, May, Pikachu, Brock (maybe Misty and Max who will get their butts on fire if I said no), Professor Oak, Dawn (maybe), and some other Pokemon/people. I think the only thing that will get butt bourned is Piplup :).
    Yeah but I hopefully hope that at least they could at least stop making replacements for the girls/Brock really I mean even if they replace both Dawn and Brock with a girl and a boy doesn't make it a difference really, it's just another journey of Ash and Pikachu with his two new friends meeting new Pokemon and battling the same thing over and over again. I'm starting to not like the new cycle of girls/boys, they could at least put in a old charater like May or Misty but lets hope that it's May! I would like it to stop really and then something interesting could happen :) :) :) :).
    Or maybe, she could come to Ash unexpectually like Brock did plus she's pretty much a cook :). I heard that when the B/W series start, Ash's journey will stop, I already saw the B/W website and I saw no Ash but hopefully May would come back, atleast make a spinoff series ro soemthig with Ash and May traveling, Pokemon will not be the same without Ash and Pikachu
    I HOPE that put May back into the show, it'll be awesome! Ash and May, more Advanceshipping hints and more PikaAdvance hints too! :).
    Yeah I agree, one of the members said that since that pod had barely no space then their relationship would have heated up like Ash on top of May and then Ash is experiencing hormones or if he's getting hornny or something. On I looked at the new B/W charaters, they look so old!
    Thatwas a nice amv, I like it and well I don't know if I told u this but the Advanceshipping Nation members r really good at finding hints, I know that there's a trailer of Manaphy and the sea and it shows Ash putting May in one of Phatom's little subs and he gets in there to and closes the hatch, I wonder what they're doing in there
    I agree, I wish there were at least SOME good ADV amvs, at least some new Advanceshipping hints that no one besides 4Kids would know
    Maybe.... is Drew still a threat to Advanceshipping "shot" Yes of course it's me! :). I've jion Advanceshipping Nation and please don't say my dA username there because well I think some of them hate me
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