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  • I wasn't here for a looong time.. sorry ._.

    I had much work at school lately >_>

    But, as today is my birthday.. I decided to have some fun without caring about the next test xD
    The rules here are not that hard to obey.. I think xD
    I guess that nothing is "pogeymanz are srs bsns" like smogon.. I'm not able to post there much because I'm kind of scared that I will do something wrong xD
    For PO i used this tutorial: How to install Pokemon Online (completely step by step) [linux]
    and everything works fine after that :3
    You are not a bad linux user, only a lazy one xD

    Edit: Also, some guy sent me a friend request here but I only exchanged a few words with him.. Can I just deny or is it inappropriate in some way? ^^"
    I'm more lucky when being ill.. usually It starts on monday :3
    Well.. I take pride in my "never ever been warned/ given a infraction/banned in my whole life" status xD
    So I try my best to not break any rules ^^" Probably someday I will fail at that.. but I can try ;)
    I run PO without the use of wine.. the only thing that doesn't work is music :p But I don't mind xD
    I learned what BMG is some time ago when reading something in Bulbapedia/Bulbanews (not sure which xD).
    It was a really strange thing for me so I somehow remembered xD
    Heh, for a moment I was worried that you will never reply xD
    I have read the rules before even registering.. I guess that really few people do so :p
    heh, linux is nice.. but sometimes It's a challenge tu use It..
    I still remember my problems when installing Pokemon Online or trying to run RNG Reporter.. RNG Reporter still has some problems on my linux >_> like I can't see the check boxes O,o I have to click on an empty space to check and uncheck some things :p
    BMG? I thought that It meant bulbasaurs mysterious garden xD
    Thanks man!

    By the way... can you post in TheSimpleGame? Just to verify, and because it needs bumping. I need 8 teams + before I can start.
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