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  • It sucks majorly--I've lived with it for three years or so now XD, can't wait to graduate!! And, it does block everything =<... I tried your suggestion--no luck, kept getting 'error'
    Yes. Tumblr and Blogspot are two sites that Websense frequently forgets it has blocked 0_o--then I make it halfway past their blockage before Websense goes 'noooooo!'
    Oh XD, I thought it was--I need to read more carefully! They are very lovely though--what I saw at least, before my internet said 'BANNEDZ ZE TUMBLR IS BANNNNNNNED!'
    SHUT UP YOU'RE 15.
    i dont even play pokemon anymore lol.
    i stopped hunting shinies way before that, like waaaaaaaay before it thats why i'd gotten krisp to change my name because i'm all grown up now.
    I thought you were some randomer who was getting in on the joke I was like osht but then I realized its only you dadmom
    lol oh GOD platinum idkkk. i was thinking of ash blonde but im mainly thinking of the fact that i have brown eyebrows ;o how can platinum look yellow? thats like white blonde isnt it? the only colour that ive ever seen looking yellow is when the person doesnt use a toner :p

    ID KNOW THIS IF YOU EVER POASTED PICS. as far as i know your hair is pretty much struggling to reach your shoulders ;p
    how light though? this one guy i know has white hair but his eyebrows are reaaaally dark, its kinda nice but like :p lol wait isnt your hair really short? so after 9 months would it not be fully grown out?
    lol really? i've put bleach in it before but it like fried it. my cousin is a hairdresser and she could do it, but i dont really know if it'd suit me or what. idec about roots, my roots have been growing since august ;_; they just blend in now :p
    lol yes
    my soul is BLEACH BLONDE BABY.
    id kinda like to dye my hair black again but no wayyyyyyy. try it sometime and youd understand. :p
    "don't doooo it
    you don't look good with cook hair. just fyi. stick with your natural color!"

    for some reason the old posts got changed from black to cook lolwut
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