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  • oh, the science stream you mean. i took the commerce field and then got sick of it, so started doing computer applications and programming. currently in the first year.

    hmmhmm, artifical? like how?

    haha, i've some fine memories of that place. lovely school it was.:,-)

    wow, you must be good. I got to somewhere around 1300(rating) on the smogon ladder. but i never really tried hard. i'm more into wifi battling.
    It spread like wildfire. Took a decision I never regret: Watched the first episode.
    Did my avatar confuse you? You missed the start of an Internet phenomenon, my friend. The Bronies!
    what is pcmb?

    Really? I live in vastrapur as well. iim is just a kilometre from my home!! I used to study in st.xaviers loyola hall, must have heard of it?

    a couple of my pals went to dps. they might know you.

    I haven't played much on gen4 ou, since i started battling in march last year. though i do know "stuff" about it since i lurk all the time on smogon and have had a couple of trial battles. But it takes too long to find battles for it so, i didn't bother about it beyond that. what are your opinions on gen 5?

    lol, you may have the history, we have the future. :p Anyway, its arsenal vs mu tommorow. don't miss it! I hope arsenal wins
    Autocorrect FTW. Clyde? Seriously?

    I've been fine.

    I WAS 11 last time we spoke. I'm now 13. Problem?
    Someone who sucked at making shoddy tourneys in 2010. Username has changed so much since we last spoke... Um... I think I was LucarioAura last time we spoke. I'm a Brony now though.
    ah, you are now near the dreaded 12th. good luck. what line are you studying in?

    it was a dpp ou match. it happened somewhere in july or so, a long time back. i don't remember much of it, tbh, just that one of the players was you.:)

    I'm from Ahmedabad too. Are you a gujarati?

    P.S I swear by manchester city!;-)
    I'm good, it's a competition (US FIRST Robotics), and we are pretty much set for right now. Heh, I know how you feel with the grades thing, but sometimes side plans are needed to make things worth it. It sucks that my bitch of an English teacher ruined my 4.00 Last tri, but otherwise, it's good. Have you taken a break from pokemon like I have, too?
    Let me introduce myself. I am Commandurr Clowncrete aka Just Clowncrete aka Rutvik and I am from Gujarat, India. I have this habit (or obsession) of trying to know and talk to all Indian Pokemon fans. (since there are few mon-fans left in India or so I thought) I have been meaning to talk to you for sometime now.

    As for me, I am a collegian. I used to watch the anime and play the games since 2003. And I started battling competitively last year (and I swear by smogon tiers). I have seen you post at smogon and even saw you battle on PO once. And since we have similar interests(other than the football teams), I decided to contact you.

    So, hello!:)(i hope i am not intruding)
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