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  • Hey looks like we have a battle for the VGC tourney. Shall we begin trying to schedule it? I am free most days in the afternoons and nights.
    Hmm I'm sorry I was out with my mom who is trying to buy a house. Tell me once you can do it again I'm free till the same time tomorrow. And im free every night after 8 mountain time
    so how are we going to do the match? and When do you want to do it. I'm pretty much free Anytime on thursday, and after 9 pm on mountain time any other day except friday and sunday
    Does tomorrow at 3:00 sound like a good time? I'll be in the VGC room as VivillonHunter. Also, quick question: why not in-game?
    Ah sorry, kind of a busy day for me yesterday :/ I'll be out of the house til around 5 PM PST but I should be free any time after that today.

    Yeah that might be best, I haven't tried actual HP breeding myself just yet. Best of luck with it :)

    Still, someone was offended, and I had to be cautious. I don't want anyone dropping out because of their beliefs being parodied.
    Even if you eliminate those, I don't want any parodies of religion in this. I've already had a complaint from someone regarding FSM elements. Sorry. PS they wish to remain anonymous, since they saw you asking this coming.
    Sure thing, hit me with a VM when you can do the trade for it :)

    As for the HP Ice yeah I'd recommend not focusing on it too much because it can take a while. If you have a copy of B2W2 I'd recommend catching N's Pokemon in-game since the Pokemon are guaranteed to have an IV spread of 30 on all stats, which can maybe help you with good IV spreads when you decide to try for Hidden Power.
    Hmm your best bet on getting 0 IVs is by getting a Ditto with that Speed IV...or being lucky :/ Fortunately I actually do have a Quiet 0 IV Ditto if you want to use it :D (I didn't even know it had a speed IV of 0 until half a year later :p) Hidden Power is the tough one to get...Heat Wave and Earth Power are decent coverage on Camerupt but HP Ice lets you hit Dragon and Flying types. I've had to breed HP Ice on my M-Manectric...the IVs aren't perfect but they were decent enough for me to use it in battle.
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