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  • Hey BAK, I don't know if you saw but I'm going to be taking on the BBL as a challenger in addition to being a gym leader.

    Could we have a gym battle? I'll be doing all my battles on cartridge.
    Hey BAK, hope you been doing good. I noticed you were the Ice gym leader but also noticed you didnt have a Showdown username listed. Is Showdown not a option for challenging your gym?
    Oh no worries, school's been kinda hectic for me too. That sucks about the pizzas...that manager should learn how to balance supply-demand :/

    I made some midrange decks but I never got a feel for them, I either made them too slow or ended up giving them an aggro playstyle XD I like how White can just drop a bunch of stuff and swing away, it worked awesomely with the previous block (Return to Ravnica) because there was a mechanic that activates when 3 or more creatures attack. And then with Theros I was abusing Heroic since there were so many multi-target spells that were cheap. I got the old Duels of the Planeswalkers (mostly because of the promo card :p) but I heard it's hard to build a good deck out of the cards there :/ Haha yeah mentioning Nighthawk will tell you if a person plays black or not, it gets reprinted so many times that it's just a good idea to have them handy. Yeah I built my first deck myself so I'm very attached to it. It's pretty much an artifact-aggro deck, since they were colorless it was easy to splash in other colors but there's a white card that gives them +2/+2 so it was mainly white. While I usually dismantle and rebuild decks between rotations I've kept my artifact deck intact because it was my first, I even managed to win some FNMs with it :D And if it ever goes back into Standard then I'm ready to go! That's one of the things I like about MTG...even if you're new everyone starts off on a clean slate between rotations so you can catch up and it lets you experiment with different mechanics.

    Well FMA is a good story so that's hard to do, and we all have our "classic anime" that we hold in high regard. I'll give it a try sometime, it's a completed series so I might have to wait until my break since I'll probably watch it in one go XD Hmm I guess I have a lot of favorite anime since they all tell different stories...but off the top of my head I'd say Rurouni Kenshin, Haruhi, Nisekoi, Clannad, Magical Railgun, and Death Note. @[email protected]
    Ergh that sucks, well hope things turn up! Ahaha school has its ups and downs but overall it's an interesting experience.

    There used to be a free online program for MTG but they took it down...they have an official client but you have to pay for stuff :/ Oh wow we're opposites then, I'm more of a White player then I usually work in some Red as I love playing aggro strategies. I made some other for-fun decks but somehow I never got the hang of building Black...Vampire Nighthawk is my sworn enemy :p I kinda stopped paying attention to it on this new set but I was still keeping up with stuff during the Theros block. I was really into Standard up to that point but I also love playing Draft, and I ended up building a Cube of commons that I play with my friends. I usually dismantle my decks between rotations but I've kept my very first deck (Tempered Steel) when I play "anything goes" with my friends. But it's been hard to follow Standard since I'm in school and all that :/ It is a very fun game (and yeah the lore adds some depth to it) and I plan on getting back into it once I'm back home so looking forward to that. Eh yeah it's hard to compare TCGO once you played Magic but the TCGO's fun to play, mostly for the nostalgia factor.

    Ah that's good that you noticed that they could have done more with it, that ending felt very abrupt. I found out that they changed the story near the end as the source material wasn't finished at the time. I get what you mean about Black Star, if you ever get the chance I suggest that you read the manga as his fight with Mifune was much better there and he's less...bratty as he was in the anime. They also reveal the rest of the Death Scythes so that's something. I've been meaning to start Blue Exorcist but I'm worried I'll get distracted and binge-watch it but I heard it's good :p
    Eh kinda stressful but it's keeping me busy so never a dull day :p Ah you look busy too, but sounds like things are going well so that's good :)

    Oh wow I was really into MtG before I started school (I have my cards back at home @[email protected]) How are you liking it and what color are you leaning towards? I've been playing the online Pokemon TCG lately so maybe I'll see you around there :p

    Ah yeah Soul Eater's pretty good, nothing too special but I do like their fight scenes.
    Hey, sorry for not getting back to to you. I can battle at that time tonight though, so let me know if you're able to as well.
    Nice, did you ever see those extra episodes about other stories? (there was one about Izumi's training in Briggs XD)
    No problem mate, I should be around this evening as well. Hopefully we can get the battle finally done!
    Hey man. Looks like we need to get the scheduling nailed down - I'm available most evenings PST and I think I'll be around most of this weekend. What day works best for you?
    Heya! I think you know this, but we're set to battle in Alexey's tournament. Would you be okay battling on Showdown? My name on there is PoisonManiac, and I'll be in the OU room for the next ten minutes or so in case you want to battle.

    If you can't battle now, is there a time that you'd like to set our battle for?
    Hey I totally didn't see your VM from a coupe days ago with questions, so sorry! Darmanitan is unviable because Victini outperforms it as a Choiced physical Fire attack. Recently good stuff includes stallbreaking sets like Talonflame and Mew, DragMag, Mega Heracross, and Regenerator cores.
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