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Recent content by BaileyPlaysPokemon

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    RNG "abuse": Do YOU consider it to be legit?

    I have been back and forth on this question for about a year now, and just wanted to see what other people think. So I ask you, is RNG legit or cheating? Through my time deciding this, I have commonly heard these arguments among MANY others. It's not cheating: 1.You aren't altering the...
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    New here

    Welcome to the forums! As ghost said, if you need any help feel free to contact any of the staff members, including myself. Hopefully you can find some local trainers if you want a group! Have fun on the forums!
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    if you like pie, you'll like me.

    I do rather enjoy pie, so we should get along quite nicely. Welcome to the forum! If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask me or any other staff member here (: have fun on the forums!
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    Winner of 'Vote to Befriend a Pokémon' poll announced: Arceus wins poll once again

    Re: Winner of 'Vote to Befriend a Pokémon' poll announced: Arceus wins poll once agai I vote we all sit in a circle and sing kumbaya :love:. Please remember to be decent, people, and follow the rules . Arceus winning is only ONE giveaway; Gen V nor the dream world are going anywhere anytime...
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    Welcome, Ryan203! If you have any questions, need anything, or just want to chat, feel free to talk to me or any of the other staff members! Btw, as a college kid, I totally know what you're going through q: Have fun on the forums!
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    Saudi Arabia beheads woman convicted of 'sorcery'

    not sure why, but this reminds me of this monty python and the holy grail scene. only problem is, this is real /: monty python-witch scene - YouTube
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    McDonald's Happy Meal campaign launched: Traditional Pokémon calendar also on sale

    Re: McDonald's Happy Meal campaign launched: Traditional Pokémon calendar also on sal Are you sure? I seem to have found a few other sources for it on the internet. 2012 CALENDARS - POKEMON [Book]
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    No Santa? No way! News anchor sorry for dashing kids' dreams

    This reminds me of when I learned that Santa wasn't real. I was in church, surrounded by a bunch of other 4, 5, or 6 year olds (can't remember) and our PASTOR told us Santa didn't exist. We were all distraught. I suppose that, while it might be a big deal now, quite honestly nobody is going to...
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    Which two Pokemon do you think would be completely evenly matched?

    Mudkip vs. Arceus Charizard vs......wait, Charizard can't be beaten by anyone... Sorry, had to post troll suggestions. Couldn't resist. In all honesty, I think a battle between Azelf and Victini probably could get pretty darn epic...I would have to put more thought into it, but on the...
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    Pkmn Grey map predictions

    Perhaps they put a Grey Cave? Sounds like something that would be filled with Zubats 0_o
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    Herman Cain quotes Pokémon again: Reused quotation correctly referenced

    As previously mentioned, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show ran a fantastic segment on this. It can be found here: Jon Stewart Says Goodbye To Herman Cain With His Own Pokemon Quote | Mediaite
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    TPC hints at Jump Festa reveal: Pokémon Battle Chess also on pre-order

    For those of you that want to try out Battle Chess, enjoy! Battle chess battle link: 遊びかた・対戦してみる|ポケモンバトルチェス
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    Do you have bad luck with Shinies?

    been playing the games since Red and Blue? Wild shiny count so far (discounting the obvious ones): zero 0_o
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    Do you change your Facebook profile picture to a Pokemon in December?

    I have mixed emotions towards it, and wanted to see what other REAL pokemon fans thought about it.
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    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    Ha ha now we are getting a little more philosophical than logical, eh? Nah I understand what you're saying, and I'm just stating that the real change to Pokemon being that way changed in Gen. III. I think it's perfectly acceptable for us to agree to disagree on that one, but I do still believe...