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  • Also, just an FYI, please try to avoid posting in old battle request threads. We're currently transitioning to managing everything in one thread. Not a big deal, just letting you know.
    No, we don't have anything like that.
    Sorry, I actually can't battle on Wifi :) I know it seems kind of strange, but I've never been able to connect to internet on my DS, probably because my security is WPA instead of WEP. Sorry!
    There's no specific number, but it would probably best to not invite someone unless you know them well enough and if you're sure they'd be interested.
    Hey there!
    So I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a real time battle finder, I've never really used Smogon. We have those two battle request threads, and yes, you can and should post there (we made them only recently, which is why they're currently empty).
    We generally do use tiers and clauses. Most players use Smogon's outline, so you shouldn't have nay problems there. If people want to use different clauses or random rules, they'll generally specify so in their battle post.
    I'm assuming you're referring to hacked Pokémon. I believe that would be dependent on the specific battle. If your opponent (or, if it's a tournament, the touranment creator) is OK with it, then it should be fine. These rules are separate from the trading center's rules though, you'll want to be wary of trading hacked Pokémon there.
    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
    I would ask a Social Group Mod about that, and describe the group you want to make and things like that. Groups here need to be approved before being made.
    Well, for one, we have a tighter and friendlier community. We have subforums about the Pokemon anime, anime in general (like Digimon or Free!), cooking, and other things not related to Pokemon, the Fun & Games subforum (which is exactly what you think it is), the Outside the Box subforum (which has everything including the kitchen sink), places where you can show off your PokeMerch, and more.
    We have the Fiction Fairgrounds (fanfiction), the Written Word, and the Roleplaying and Collaborative Stories, if you're into that kind of thing.
    Go to The War Room if you want to take part in a war game, but you'll have to enroll before the actual game begins, and I don't think any games have recently been started.
    If you want to talk about serious things (for some reason) you can go to the Serious Business subforum, where you can talk about serious things in the real world.
    Sadly, we have no subforums about books, but you can go to a Chapters forum or something for that.

    You would probably know all of this if you read the front page of the forum and explored, went to the Welcome & Rules subforum, or at least made a blog about it and didn't just ask someone right away. All of these would have probably gotten more information for you.
    But, as I read your page, you seem to have most of the information you need.
    So, have fun!
    (P.S. If you don't want to have fun and are actually kind of depressed due to recent events, go here.
    Hello there~

    While I am not familiar with competitive battling, the best place to go look for some battles in this forum is in Bulbagarden Battle Center, which is near Pokemon Video Games. In Bulbagarden Battle Center, you'll find two sticky threads. One is the "Official Battle Request Thread" which is for competitive battles, and the other is the "Casual Battle Request Thread". Take your pick, although that is all I know. (I am disappointed that Smogon got hacked, though.)

    Enjoy your battles~
    1.Yes there is Bulbagarden Battle Center this would be it
    2.Just-For-Fun Pokémon Battles - Bulbagarden Forums
    ^Try these
    3.Well the majority of Groups are just for
    Fans of Something(Mainly Poke Characters/Non Pokemon Anime&Cartoon Series/Movies&Music)
    User Groups(For the members listed in the title)
    Random Everyday Groups(mainly contains non Pokemon related things)
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