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Recent content by Balthier

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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Unless it drops in some stats as a result of getting a Mega Evolution as a means of balancing it out. For example. What if it's speed drops and it looses some Sp. Def or something.
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    Does Mega Evolutions mean that GF is getting out of ideas???

    It really depends on how they structure and include it in the games. If Mega Evolutions become a central part of the franchises' canon then it will work. If it developed or comes across as just a gimmick then it will get the reputation of the series having jumped the Sharpedo, so to speak. They...
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    Speculation After Hoenn - Will the Remakes get Remakes?

    After Hoenn I'm done with remakes. I wouldn't mind revisiting the regions though. That I think is a great opportunity to see how regions have changed. If this Hoenn is essentially the same story just updated to include Mega Evolution it would mean that the all of the games pretty much happened...
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    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution? I still think that's limiting what they can do. Kyogre in particular was super powerful when Drizzle lasted forever, but just bringing that back just robs it of an opportunity to try something new. Yes, flooding the land is a central part to the back story but Drizzle...
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    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution? Nah. We've been there and done that. It would be a waste of creativity. Yeah, Drizzle and Drought got nerfed but the game has adapted, bringing back just for these two seems like a waste. Remember, they can have any ability. Why just bringing back the past under a...
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    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution? I think what they are going for is the implication that in ancient times things were much more powerful, and that power has been trapped inside the Pokemon and these stones, and releasing them returns them to their natural ancient state. It's like suggesting that the...
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    The Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert Thread

    I'm not a fan of Mega Swampert's design, but maybe it will grow on me, like much of the Gen VI designs, which now I love. I don't get adding Dragon type to Pokemon, especially when the type in general is becoming threatened. I get that Sceptile was in the Dragon Egg Group so it's not that much...
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    Speculation After Hoenn - Will the Remakes get Remakes?

    The appeal of remakes is that you can to revisit the past regions with updated features and IRL technology of the current gen that wasn't available when the game was initially released, and you get answers to questions that you might have pondered about previous Gen from the context of the...
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    Frontier Brains to come back?

    Re: Frontier Brains to come back I think the Gen 4 BF was boring in terms of the physical space. It was all just compacted very densely in a small area, whereas the BF in Gen 3 was more open, and there was an element of exploring the Frontier rather than just going from point A to Point B. I...
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    Improvements to Pokemon games

    1) I don't think the game really gives the players much credit. X and Y really showed us that the developers think players just want something quick and easy, when which such a already deep invested fanbase, I think many players would want something more in depth. What were physical limitations...
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    Which version will you buy?

    I'm getting both, but I might space them out a bit. My plan, thanks to Bank, is that I will keep the same player name from X assume as if I have traveled to a "new" region after completely Kalos, much like the anime storyline does with Ash. The benefit of being able to just literally move over...
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    Hoenn Remake Wishlist

    More sidequests. For whatever reason I've always felt that R/S/E in Gen III had the most sidequest of any of the main games. By that I mean little things to do throughout the game that were not related to the main story, especially Emerald. The Trick House. Trainer Hill. The Battle Frontier. Of...
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    Sequel or remake?

    I think a sequel would be best. At this point the games are not about revisiting the past regions, and most of the people who will buy will have already played the original. With that in mind there's no reason to walk the same path and hear the same text with slight changes. Instead it would be...
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    New Gym Leaders and Elite 4?

    I think all of the Elite Four should stay. The mechanics of the game have changed a lot since Gen III. It would great to see the original members there with updated teams (they ran a lot of multiples of the same Pokemon on their teams) within the updated mechanics. If I had to choose somebody I...