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  • Is there a chance for you to get a shiny stone? I'm thinking of breeding for a follow me Togepi in the future. :)
    I thought you had disappeared! :eek: I'm currently breeding squritle right now, I'll go look for your Togepi. You still have a HA female Scraggy?
    Heh. :p Well, life comes first.

    Good. :) Goldens are indeed sweet. I see. An apartment, I take it?
    (Well, look who popped up. Been busy, I see?) Nice! Sounds like fun. I have a dog, a Golden Retriever.
    (Got a little busy, huh? It happens. :p)Good to hear! That's all you can ask for sometimes. ^^ I'm doing fine~
    Out of curiosity, do you have any pets? If not, do you want any?
    The reason why I'm posting here so we can talk about the trade without hijacking someone else' trade thread.

    The shiny Eevee was named snow when I hatched it. Do you have a HA Scraggy or a HA Driftloon?
    No, no, I wasn't alarmed, just curious. :p Anyway, while I'm here, how are things?
    My game is updating at the moment. Hadn't been online for a few days haha. Sorry for the little delay :p
    Hey! I'm ready to give my Squirtle for your Wish Cleffa. My FC is on the post. Just tell me when you're ready. Thanks!
    Hey! Sorry I've taken so long but I have an HA Chimchar ready for you now. If you still have that Wish Cleffa, then let me know when you're available to trade. ^^
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