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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Feraligatr in Silver for my first playthrough. It wasn't even a solo starter run, but played so much of that I lost count of all my hours, though I think I also leveled up some of my other mons to 100 or at least very close.
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    Where the next regions should be based on?

    I'd like to see a region based on Germany next, since Gamefreak went with a European country this gen. Since Kalos (France) is nearby, we could potentially see two regions like Johto-Kanto again. Maybe even give the Johto starters with mega stones.
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    What Eevee evolution would you like to see in the next gen?

    I'd like to see a Ground type eevolution with a spread of 65/130/95/60/65/110 or 65/130/110/60/65/95. It could be a fast sweeper or bulky (on the physical side) attacker. Something like Swords Dance/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Knock Off would be amazing.
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    Favorite Mega Evolution?

    Probably Tyranitar due to how raw it looks. Other ones I like include Scizor, Gengar, Houndoom, Gallade, Metagross, and Charizard X.
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    Favorite starter

    Totodile, due to most of the memories of playing Silver back in the day, and SoulSilver revitalizing those memories. Now I always pick it among the Johto starters.
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    Favorite Fire Type?

    Houndoom, such a cool design and unique typing. Though I'll admit most of my appeal from it is due to it being dark type more than fire type.
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    Least Favourite Water Starter

    105 attack with Sheer Force is disappointing? As for me, Oshawott due to how disappointing Samurott ended up being.
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    Contest Feraligatr vs Swampert

    Who's more useful? Feraligatr, due to Sheer Force. Swampert's mega is completely dependent on rain. Who'd win in a fight? Tough call, aesthetically regular Gatr could take on regular Swampert, but have a hard time against the muscle bound mega. 1 on 1 gameplay wise Feraligatr due to Water being...
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    Which are your favourite Pokémon?

    Haven't voted yet, eventually will so off the top of my head Feraligatr, Lugia, Scizor, Tyranitar, Umbreon, Breloom, Jolteon, Gliscor, Zekrom, Greninja.
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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    23, started with Blue back in 99.