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  • To all Advanceshipping Nation Members:

    So its been a crazy couple of days but please don't take the moderators warning too harshly and most of all keep posting and keep Advanceshipping alive and kicking.

    At current, I do not, unfortunately. With my absence, it seems that there have been many new shops that have opened and have made good progress. I'm just now getting caught up with a majority of them. o: I would ask Blazaking EX if he knows of anything since he's been modding the section for longer and, unlike me, didn't really have to go on hiatus (as far as I know).
    Oh, the typo sorry. I tend to write ''shoe' instead of 'show''
    Yeah, its rather busy which is surprising, in a good way of course.
    Oh, that's what that mean? Lol, I never pay attention to horoscopes (all I know is that cancer's sign is a crab). But that's awesome! Cancer! XD
    Mainly because any Pokemon shipping turned out to be totally pointless to me lately, more or less.

    On anime, at least. PokeSpecial and REBURST shipping are the only ones with some chance to be cannon.
    An on-again off-again one, I suppose. I'm more of a Pokeshipper and Contestshipper, but I enjoyed Ash and May's interactions, and have read and enjoyed Advanceshipping material.
    Not at all. I'm pretty disappointed with shipping in general. I used to be a pearlshipper, though.
    I saw that episode. Alfred gets wants to bash Oliver so badly now. Walang Hanggan, i want to see some Johanna and Daniel moments and Katerina's brother can just die.
    I am active, yes. o: However, I must apologise and say that I am no longer up for requests (general hand drawn art, or signatures, sprites, and other customisations) at this time. My shop has been closed for some time, and I don't plan on reopening it right at the moment, maybe not even for a few months. C:; Perhaps sometime in the future, however. At the moment, I'm still too swamped with other work I must get finished as well as moderating duties on not only here, but other places, blogs, and competitions.
    Ah, I see. And I'm not sure about other AMV makers. I just go around YouTube for AdvanceShipping AMVs for inspiration. Idk If I should make another AdvanceShipping AMV.
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