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  • Thank you, I'll definitely take you up on that offer one day! Have you ever thought about opening up a "shop" in this section? The Artisan's Gallery I definitely think your signatures would be quite popular :) (Of course, that's only if you wanted to, don't feel pressurised haha ) Yeah, I'll make them work :p What's your favourite section so far?

    Also, sorry for the really late reply, I was busy :p
    That's awesome! I'm too lazy to make signatures really, I just stick to my favourite Pokémon sprites :B Now that.... that's perfect. Thank you! Now I just have to edit the instruments in, and my dream is complete. Ah yeah, I saw that! I really agree, this is a great place. (That's why I've been here for three years)

    I overuse emoticons :I
    Wait, you made them yourself? D: I can't decide who would be a better drummer, Abomasnow or Turtwig :p Jynx would definitely make a good singer, I'd say (but then there would be two Ice types in the band >.<) How are you finding it here at BMGf?
    I think a mixture of both. The Heracross one was awesome too! Haha, thanks :) I'm thinking of creating some of my own so I can have a Pokémon band as my signature xD
    I'd like to apologize for the confusion over the claim thread. I wasn't aware of the one in World at the time.
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