• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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  • Oh man, Sunshine. I remember that game. It's one of the lesse Mario playboy era. But then, they're all great, and the final boss is amazing. Also, it's probably one of the prettiest games ever made.
    It's actually not that great, although it might be one of those games you need a manual to really enjoy. I mean, it's cool, but Cave Story is better. Then again, I'm usually not a fan of shooters, first person or otherwise. Mass Effect, the newer Fallouts, and Bioshock are exceptions.
    Yeah, apparently. I used to love kingdom hearts, but I kinda got bored. Maybe because I never beat the first one, and my friend lost it when I loaned it to her? Anyway, I know how you feel. I'd rather have a hard copy of most of my games, but I don't have the cash to buy most of them. Besides, most of the games I emulate are pretty old, since those are the only ones I can run on my ancient computer. So it'd be kind of a pain to find stuff like Gunstar Heroes or Magic of Scheherazade or Gradius or whatever.
    Or you could just emulate it if your computer isn't total crap like mine. And, as a bonus, if you did that, you could have multiple save files. The only DS game that's better is Contact.
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