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  • Hi. I saw that you posted in the URPG Story section about a story. While I don encourage you to read the stories, and even write your own, I would ask that you refrain from posting in other peoples' stories. It is against URPG rules to do so unless that author specifically asks for it. Which is why I deleted your post. If you would like to get into stories I'll be more than happy to help, just drop me a message anytime.

    Hello, and welcome to BMGƒ! Lovely profile you have here. ^^

    Just as a heads up though, signatures should only be 600px wide by 160px high. Everything should fit in this area:
    Almost forgot to say this. >.<
    But thank you very much for the friend request. I'm Erin. ^^
    Your welcome! Wanna check out my friend's birthday party?

    Also, Bellossom and Arbok are a cool account theme ^-^

    I wonder what your favorite non-pokemon games are too.
    Hi! Wanna be friends?
    :3 ^-^
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