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  • Almost 50 episodes in and some people are still denying it's anything other than overrated or boring...

    Months later and he got more than one chapter. :p

    Kozu :p
    Your comebacks are as lame as Kotori is useless.

    I don't have a favorite as a writer my duty is to view all characters on an even playing field and not pick favorites.
    I haven't seen it :( (I've been gone most of the day at the Gay Straight Alliance meet). Yeah, lot's o' duels and alternate plots and such.
    And of course the "Come, my pet," line XD . Same here :D !! Ah. Yeah, I'm up ta date with the 4th manga.
    THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT :D !! And I'm sure they'll have some excellently sassy dialogue for him XD . I'm actually really looking forward ta watching it XD . Oh, and do ya read the ZeXal manga??
    SAME HERE!! I was sure they wouldn't be able to find a voice dripping with as much madness as Satoshi Hino's, but Billy Bob's voice has it's own really great craziness! Lulz, I like ta play hard to get with new Yu-Gi-Oh! incarnations. Besides, I need some fictional characters to be mad at for ZeXal ending. I'm gonna watch it, though.
    Nice! Eh, I watch some of the dub, and I'm not completely up to date in Japanese, just in spoilers. I was really impressed with Vector's dub voice (especially on lines like "YUUUUMMAA" and "You mean you still don't get it?") and he was really well-written as well (that comment about ZeXal II XD ).
    Awesome! Eh, so hard. My favorite's Yuma, and close after that Astral and Vector, and after them maybe Nasch... and then... I really just love... like a billion characters in no particular order XD . How caught up are you? Oh, and do you watch the dub as well?
    Awesome :) ! Yeah, I've loved DM since kindergarten, and I've also seen Season 0 and Capsule Monsters, but I need ta stop procrastinating on finishing GX and 5Ds. I consider myself a HyperZeXual :p . Who's your favorite character?
    Mostly comes from watching YGO and the villian episodes of the Pokemon anime.
    DU actually was made by TPC Japan and aired on TV in a dream I had, so I decided
    to go ahead and recreate it, myself.

    Seriously, I saw 5D's subbed, and I think GX was better.
    This scene really wasn't all that tearjerking to me:
    Brunos death Yugioh 5Ds - YouTube

    Pretty much. Same thing applies to me for the Pokemon anime.
    I've always been okay with Ash/Satoshi. Sure he's not like his OS incarnation
    in DP, onward, but I know it's the writers fault at that. Not him.
    Some seem to forget that.

    Don't ask me why, but this line still gets me for some reason:

    Tried to.. but honestly, I actually prefer DP and onward to GX, onward for some reason.
    Too many (sometimes cheesy) deaths, still the same thing with each person trying to become the top duelist
    with only a few twists added in, IMO. It's still okay, I guess.
    I might check out the ARC - V Series when it premieres.

    However the film, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time was EPIC.

    Also, on Xiaolin Chronicles, yeah, you can watch this one without watching the original.
    The first episode of XC re-introduces the characters to the audience and stuff, so it shouldn't be too confusing.
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