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Recent content by Berrenta

  1. Berrenta

    Your "HAHAHAHA!!!" Moments

    Fighting Nanu for Ula'Ula's Grand Trial. At one point, I send out my Mimikyu against his Persian. He initiates the Z-Move. What's funny about it?
  2. Berrenta

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    By random chance, during Ultra Sun I stumbled upon a Shiny Cubone when training for Kiawe's trial. She's a Marowak now.
  3. Berrenta

    Your FUUUUUU Moments (non-Pokemon)

    Losing a lone Ancient Fruit plant that I happen to get early to lightning in Stardew Valley. Resetting didn't save it, and it didn't reach the fruit-bearing stage! For the record, this was early in the file, so no lightning rods or greenhouse access.
  4. Berrenta

    "Wow, I was an IDIOT!" moments

    During an Alpha Sapphire wonderlocke, I accidentally had my Shedinja use Will'O Wisp instead of Night Slash on a Kadabra. Which had Synchronize...
  5. Berrenta

    "What do the two above have in common?" Game

    Both have banners related to their avatars.
  6. Berrenta

    Guess the Next User to Post V2

    Nope! Rainbow Cloud?
  7. Berrenta

    Your "YES!" moments

    When the Egg-hatching global mission was in progress (still is at the time of this post), decided to try the Masuda method to contribute. Successfully bred a shiny Minccino with this process. Even better, she inherited her (French) mother's Hidden Ability.
  8. Berrenta

    Team Skull Takin' Over!

    Galactic's old news. Who'd want to work with a numbskull who only cares about himself? He's nothin' like our boss.
  9. Berrenta

    The best thing about Team Skull

    Of course, yo. Best big sis we grunts ever had!
  10. Berrenta

    ME's Messages

    A clone of Guzma? For reals?
  11. Berrenta

    ME's Messages

    I say Cosmog belongs to Team Skull, not you, Aether FUNdation Numskulls.
  12. Berrenta

    Team Skull Vid-yo Games Discussion

    We go wherever we want, yo. You have no authority o'er us. Although, claiming Po Town as our base of operations was the best thing ever.
  13. Berrenta

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Better take that back, yo. Our sis and boss will really make you regret it.
  14. Berrenta

    Team Skull Vid-yo Games Discussion

    Yo, know what would be better? That numskull player joining us. Would give a neat spin, right? Boss would love it.
  15. Berrenta

    ME's Messages

    Need a hand with these numbskulls, V?