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Beth Pavell
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  • Huh, sounds sweet. I know what you mean though. Do you have vivid dreams often?
    Yay socializing :D

    I've been massively stressed out from school stuff actually. I pulled an all-nighter last night writing in the hopes it would help me chill out, but now I'm just really tired.

    How are you?
    Thanks for your review! I realize it's a bit difficult to take seriously at all, so I appreciate you giving me serious input regardless of the story's silly tone. I concur that it's growing a bit repetitive, I'm playing around with ways to make it a bit fresher again and considering going back to the approach of the first couple of chapters (or playing with new formats entirely).
    Hey. For your Review Game request, should I read the whole story before reading Chapter Six, or do you only want feedback on the sixth chapter?
    They really overused it around mid-DP. I think the sound effect was used since the beginning of the anime, but DP made it worse, especially as Paul appeared more and more.
    I wish I could remember the episode, but I'm sure there was one towards the end of DP when he would_not_stop doing that fist-raise thing (With accompanying fiwhip! sound effect)
    YouTube- First Battle Ash VS Paul.mp4 - YouTube Is the sound effect at 0:07 the one you're talking about?
    Hey Tullio, I posted chapter Seven and Eight for "Twins of Fate". Feel free to read and comment.
    Hey Tullio, you reviewed my fic "Twins of Fate" a few times and I'd like to tell you that I posted chapter five and six, fell free to read and comment.
    I was wondering whether you'll be able to review my fanfic, Pokemon LX. I apologise if the grammar and the descriptions aren't so good from the start- I was able to do only partiall editing due to lack of time so maybe the first 2-3 chaps are kinda... off. Anyway, I'll appreaciate any tips you give me concerning descriptions, characerisation, plots etc.
    Hey appreciate it Tullio! Any time u have to look at it would be awesome! And yes I'd love to review yours as well!
    Hey Tullio, I was wondering if you'd be able to review my fic? It's called POKEMON: The Power Inside

    It's in its infancy right now, but it sounds like you are an expert on writing style, etc. So I'd really appreciate some pointers, tips, suggestions, criticism, etc.

    My fic is set in the anime-verse, however. If you have time, I'd love your feedback :)

    Please post comments on my fic's thread. Thanks!
    Not bad, quite elegantly written, some good thoughts have gone into the choice of words there. I rather liked the idea of Aiden compartmentalising his personae. If you plan to continue this, I would suggest thinking about ways to show why Aiden is the way he is, and how he came to choose the life he does have. The incident as a child gives some nice hints towards that, but I don't think it'll be completely satisfying if you leave it as hints
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