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Beth Pavell
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  • Hey appreciate it Tullio! Any time u have to look at it would be awesome! And yes I'd love to review yours as well!
    Hey Tullio, I was wondering if you'd be able to review my fic? It's called POKEMON: The Power Inside

    It's in its infancy right now, but it sounds like you are an expert on writing style, etc. So I'd really appreciate some pointers, tips, suggestions, criticism, etc.

    My fic is set in the anime-verse, however. If you have time, I'd love your feedback :)

    Please post comments on my fic's thread. Thanks!
    Not bad, quite elegantly written, some good thoughts have gone into the choice of words there. I rather liked the idea of Aiden compartmentalising his personae. If you plan to continue this, I would suggest thinking about ways to show why Aiden is the way he is, and how he came to choose the life he does have. The incident as a child gives some nice hints towards that, but I don't think it'll be completely satisfying if you leave it as hints
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