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Beth Pavell
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  • Not much, I missed out on some opportunities due to surgery recovery. Found a few jobs to apply to, but no word yet. Still early though.
    I'm curious, what are your preferred pronouns if any? Your information is listed as male but I keep seeing you refer to yourself with female pronouns, so I'm not sure which it is.
    Beth Pavell
    Beth Pavell
    Ah xD I'm actually not at all bothered
    Misfit Angel
    Misfit Angel
    I'll go with female I guess. Kinda easier to think of, what with the name and avatar.
    Sorry to intrude like this, but a part in your review of my Agape really confused me. How is Samwise Gamgee representative of agape?
    Also, this is kind of awkward, but... I asked for a review on any part from part 3 onwards (3 included), not before. Mostly because from part 3 onward the protagonist has way more of a spotlight.
    Beth Pavell
    Beth Pavell
    Oh, I forgot, you meant agape in the Christian sense, didn't you? Well, in that case I'd amend that to "less 'Prophet Brutha' and more 'obsessed anime maid'"

    I beg your pardon, but you gave Part 3 as a reviewing option, and Part 3 is what I reviewed
    ...Alright then, I just didn't intend for the first two to be read, surprised you did it anyway.

    Still, funny you should say "obsessed anime maid". Yandere is exactly what I was going for. I used agape for its definition (love between man and god) and the irony based on their dysfunctional relationship... but whatever.
    I do. I'm going to have to take my time to make the battles worth it, both to read and to write. I might take you up on that once I get a bit farther. I'm having trouble matching the protagonist's character arc with the plot arc I conceived.

    Perhaps those flaws were deliberate design choices? It looks excellent. I'd like more than one game to justify buying a Switch, but I really want to play it at some point.
    Keep on trucking! I'm sure it will be a release to get through this tourney arc at least. I'd appreciate your beta input. It's a little ways out, though. This is my first time writing something long form that doesn't have the helpful plot-skeleton of a journey fic. I'm trying to plan it out start to finish more rigorously than I did with Unpredictable.

    I hear Breath of the Wild is great. How you liking it?
    I'm okay. I recently moved back in with my parents while I take an online class to finish up my degree. It should ideally leave me with a lot of free time, but I've been in a bit of a motivation-less funk recently. I have started some planning on a new fic idea I had, which is good.

    What have you been up to recently?
    Yeah, feel free to send it over whenever. I probably won't get around to it until the weekend. though.
    Just sent you my thoughts. I might take you up on that before long. My hard drive died a little while back so I lost all my progress on the Chapter 6 rewrite, but I recently made some progress on my next new chapter. It's kind of gotten away from me and it's tricky stuff. I might just send you something half finished to see if I should cut some stuff out or keep on going.
    Yeah, sorry. You caught me at a very busy time, I'm afraid. I'll try to get it done after I post the last of my awards reviews. Two or three days maybe? Does that work? If you want to post it soon I can try to get to it tomorrow.
    Hey, Pavell, it's been awhile! I got my account back!
    By the way, I haven't been around (complications, traveling), but thanks for your reviews. I'm embarrassed that I've posted some unfinished/cluttered material, but I need the critique. I want to get better!
    Well it was mostly cause I was dealing with internship and presenting my thesis so that I could graduate, which I did :D
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