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Beth Pavell
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  • Sorry to intrude like this, but a part in your review of my Agape really confused me. How is Samwise Gamgee representative of agape?
    Also, this is kind of awkward, but... I asked for a review on any part from part 3 onwards (3 included), not before. Mostly because from part 3 onward the protagonist has way more of a spotlight.
    Beth Pavell
    Beth Pavell
    Oh, I forgot, you meant agape in the Christian sense, didn't you? Well, in that case I'd amend that to "less 'Prophet Brutha' and more 'obsessed anime maid'"

    I beg your pardon, but you gave Part 3 as a reviewing option, and Part 3 is what I reviewed
    ...Alright then, I just didn't intend for the first two to be read, surprised you did it anyway.

    Still, funny you should say "obsessed anime maid". Yandere is exactly what I was going for. I used agape for its definition (love between man and god) and the irony based on their dysfunctional relationship... but whatever.
    I do. I'm going to have to take my time to make the battles worth it, both to read and to write. I might take you up on that once I get a bit farther. I'm having trouble matching the protagonist's character arc with the plot arc I conceived.

    Perhaps those flaws were deliberate design choices? It looks excellent. I'd like more than one game to justify buying a Switch, but I really want to play it at some point.
    Keep on trucking! I'm sure it will be a release to get through this tourney arc at least. I'd appreciate your beta input. It's a little ways out, though. This is my first time writing something long form that doesn't have the helpful plot-skeleton of a journey fic. I'm trying to plan it out start to finish more rigorously than I did with Unpredictable.

    I hear Breath of the Wild is great. How you liking it?
    I'm okay. I recently moved back in with my parents while I take an online class to finish up my degree. It should ideally leave me with a lot of free time, but I've been in a bit of a motivation-less funk recently. I have started some planning on a new fic idea I had, which is good.

    What have you been up to recently?
    Yeah, feel free to send it over whenever. I probably won't get around to it until the weekend. though.
    Just sent you my thoughts. I might take you up on that before long. My hard drive died a little while back so I lost all my progress on the Chapter 6 rewrite, but I recently made some progress on my next new chapter. It's kind of gotten away from me and it's tricky stuff. I might just send you something half finished to see if I should cut some stuff out or keep on going.
    Yeah, sorry. You caught me at a very busy time, I'm afraid. I'll try to get it done after I post the last of my awards reviews. Two or three days maybe? Does that work? If you want to post it soon I can try to get to it tomorrow.
    Hey, Pavell, it's been awhile! I got my account back!
    By the way, I haven't been around (complications, traveling), but thanks for your reviews. I'm embarrassed that I've posted some unfinished/cluttered material, but I need the critique. I want to get better!
    Well it was mostly cause I was dealing with internship and presenting my thesis so that I could graduate, which I did :D
    Well I myself have to start lookin for one now that I'm a fully fledged engineer :O

    And it's okay, my fic is sitll up for reviews :p
    Oh, well that doesn't sound too bad at least :O

    and I finally got off my ass to do review uwu
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