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  • just attach the TM to a crappy pokemon like bidoof or w/e dude - also bring a couple of spare pokemon i have the trapinch & 2 other pokemon for you
    oh dear! hit the "view conversation" link when you get a VM & you can reply on that dude otherwise it looks like you're talking to yourself posting on your own page
    ah i see you've replied on your own page (oh dear...) anyway my FC is 0303-3081-6932 dude - would you trade focus punch for it?

    (also thanks LA! :) )
    Just letting you know, you're supposed to comment on the other user's profile. Otherwise, they won't know that you have replied to them. :)
    OK. Catnaps are fun lol
    Anyways What is your friend code? And OK. I have nothing to special though for TM's.

    Dark Pulse
    Sleep Talk
    Rock Tomb
    Drain Punch
    Focus Punch
    Bullet Seed
    Iron tail
    and Dig

    If you need Lugia I have Torchic, Squirtle, Turtwig, Scyther, and Skarmory. You still want the Master Ball though right?
    so i just woke up...

    (yeah i had a catnap in the middle of the day!) anyway i'll grab the trapinch & get on wifi in 5 mins or so - you got any cool TM's? i don't want to take your lugia as i'll never use it dude
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