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Recent content by Betony

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    The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

    Can I claim a Pokemon that doesn't exist yet? I'm an extreme wolf lover...so can I claim a future wolf based Pokemon?
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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    Primepup the WOLF puppy Pokemon. Primepup are normal type Pokemon. Primepup are rare yet highly shy and curious Pokemon, that tend to be very hard to train and are hardly ever seen away from their packs, let alone in the wild. Very few people have ever seen a Primepup. Primepup have the ability...
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    Last Poster Wins [v5]

    Do I win? :)
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Re: Poke Transfer Good to know. Thank you!
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Poke Transfer Hello! I'll be using the Poke Transfer soon, and I want to know if the trading between games effects SHINY Pokemon..I found out that their names are changed to instead of all capital, to just regular names. Like MEW would now be Mew. But when a shiny Pokemon is transfered, does it...
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    Animals, Plants and other Things not already used for Pokémon

    Re: Animals, not already used for Pokémon Wolves are LONG overdue. Dolphins as well. Personally I'd love to see either and would buy a Pokemon game based solely on if it had a graceful/regal looking wolf Pokemon. (Wolf lover..eh whatya gonna do?) I have tried contacting The Pokemon...
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    What we need...

    I believe that the Pokemon Company should make a 100% Wolf based Pokemon. There has never been a wolf based Pokemon before EXCEPT Mightyena's pre-evolved form Poochyena, which in the Bulbapedia claims it is based on a wolf OR a hyena, however when it evolves it becomes solely based on a hyena...
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    Simple Questions and Simple Answers 3

    Egg Saving? I heard that once you get an egg that it's already pre-set..does this mean nature and gender? And if it was shiny? And if I was to save all my eggs than hatch them, would I 100 percent get the same Pokemon? Including IV's, Gender, Nature and shinyness/non-shinyness? Even if I reset...