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  • *Knock, knock* (peeks into office room...)

    I had a look at one of our forum conversations several months ago (Patricia Hernandez mentioning that Gen 3 was her least favourite), and I was wondering out of curiosity: What was your biggest reason in disliking/boycotting RSE? Was it particularly the isolated region, or the lack of trading mechanism between Gen 3 and Gen1/2, or the overall reduced features? Also, were you one of those people who came back for XY, or was it earlier? Sorry, it just only occurred to me now...

    As you have noticed, I too consider Gen 3 as the reason I stopped playing/watching Pokémon altogether. In fact, it was one of the main reasons why I hated the GBA-GC era in Nintendo. (Other two being Smash Bros and Mario Sunshine - but that shall be for another time.)

    Looking back, my biggest point of disagreement was the lack of realism Hoenn offered, as well as the complete isolation from Kanto-Johto. The latter reason was the biggest stumbling block, especially when real-life Kyushu (or any given Japanese region) is hardly isolated from the rest of Japan. Adding in the pseudo-Southern-Pacific tropical theme in place of more Japanese elements for Hoenn certainly did not help my case. This is especially when Kyushu is considered to be one of the places that developed earlier in Japanese history besides Kansai.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Arceus, Azurill, Bidoof & Bibarel, Bouffalant, Happiny, Chansey & Blissey, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow & Purugly, Lickitung & Lickilicky, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler, Swablu, Teddiursa & Ursaring

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
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