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    What does your ideal Pokémon game look like?

    We're all different people, so we all have different ideas of what a "good" Pokémon game looks like. What are some of the things you look for in a Pokémon game? What is your "ideal" game? Here's mine: 1. Is a direct sequel to the previous generation. One thing I always loved about Gen...
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    I need advice.

    If you're afraid of buying a bootleg cartridge, this might be a helpful guide: How To Spot A Fake Pokemon GBA Game - CAGGames As for batteries, unless you're sure that the battery has been replaced, count on getting one for any GSC carts. Their batteries powered their clocks as well as their...
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    when will we recieve johto starters?

    1. He hails from Blackthorn City. 2. He is the grandson of a Dragon Clan Elder. 3. He is one of only a few people to pass the Dragon Master Challenge. 4. His cousin is Clair. 5. He looks like a younger version of his grandfather. 6. He has a caring, compassionate personality...
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    when will we recieve johto starters?

    Not anymore out of place than Steven and Cynthia were in HGSS. Unfortunately, the massive backlash a certain cross-canon counterpart of Lance received for appearing in Hoenn 10 years ago will probably keep him from ever appearing outside of Kanto/Johto in the games (aside from things like the...
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    most forgotton pokemon?

    Was it this person's Lumineon, by any chance? I guess, like Pachirisu (which, coincidentally, she also has), Lumineon is one of those Pokémon who's terribad in Singles but does a lot stronger in Doubles.
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    when will we recieve johto starters?

    I think Professor Elm was an unfortunate victim of Early Installment Weirdness. Unlike the other Generations, Gen 2 was designed as a direct sequel to Gen 1, so Johto was, more or less, an expansion of Kanto, rather than its own separate region like Hoenn and Sinnoh. Just like the Indigo...
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    Games too outdated by now to enjoy

    Ironic that you say that, because XD was the very first game to feature a Physical/Special split of any kind.
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    when will we recieve johto starters?

    I agree 100%. Elm is the *only* Professor who doesn't appear in the introduction of a game, and he barely exists in GSC/HGSS, with most of his possible roles (like giving out the Pokédex) taken by Oak. He's badly in need of more screentime and development.
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    Well, I have my planned Gym Leader and Elite Four teams. (Rematches will come later.) This is a work in progress, mind you. Brock: TM: Rock Tomb - Geodude Lv10 - Aron Lv10 - Onix Lv12 Aron's now a part of the Regional Dex, so why not? Don't be scared by the Steel typing. You'll have...
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    I like this idea. Not a big fan of her being a silent character, though, but I like her existing. It would be a nice nod to Crystal. I do plan on having Eusine appear in Celadon City, so maybe Kris could be with him? Retcon her into being his sidekick, or something.
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    Karen could work if you must (I want to see her in the game, regardless), but I still want my Lance/Lorelei interaction. Besides, I plan on their double battle being part of a postgame Jaw/Sail Fossil event. And, what a lame implication that was, for her to spend the rest of her life on...
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    For the last time, keep the sequel discussion OUT of this thread! This is supposed to be for a Gen 1 REMAKE, and those posts aren't going to do anything but derail the thread and start a fight. Move over to the new thread if you don't want to discuss a remake. I'd switch it around, making it...
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    (Note: This thread is for people who want a Gen 1 REMAKE. People who want a sequel or anything else would be better served here or here. Thanks!) I've been thinking of places where the Gen 2-4 Pokémon added to the Regional Dex could go in Kanto: - Chikorita: Cerulean City Gift (replaces...
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    Did Ethan and Nate both beat Red canonically?

    No, it hasn't, but it's very likely. There's no evidence of him anywhere in the leaked data, and no other Emerald exclusives have been incorporated into ORAS so far. The plot will follow RS, the Gym Leaders will have their RS teams, and Wallace/Steven will have their RS roles. Even the Battle...
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    Rarest Pokemon Ever?

    I agree with everyone saying Mew (even its Dex entries allude to it being super-rare), as well as any of the other cute 600 BST Legendaries like Celebi and Jirachi. If you can't access the events, nor exploit any glitches, then you're not going to get any of these Pokémon.