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Big Lutz
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  • Depends on how far this story goes, we have a month to go, it may be nothing, it may dominate the month with talk about how Warkock was a slumlord.
    I told you it would go nowhere. More people were interested about Walker being a carpetbagger from Texas.
    I hope Warnock does not take that attitude when subpoenas from the Secretary of State begin to go out.
    Any updates on those subpoenas?

    The right-wing media ecosystem is overflowing with garbage outrage stories. The result is that people who follow it tend to be less informed than those who don't watch any news at all. This is why somebody who lives in the middle of Europe has a better understanding of the American public than someone who watches Fox News.
    Big Lutz
    Big Lutz
    Are you suggesting 3-4 senate seats was not a possibility shared by some of those looking at the election several weeks out? If so then I would suggest you do a little more research.

    Also note I do defend my views, I do not run away after evidence has been presented and praise the mod for shutting the thread down.

    By the way how is that student debt lawsuit going? Last time I checked you said it was just one radical judge, how many judges is it now? 2? 3? And of course the 5th circuit and 8th circuit shutting it down
    Also note I do defend my views,
    Lutz, you keep running away everytime you're asked a simple question: "Who won the 2020 presidential election?"

    Blindly believing Trump's Big lie is just one of the many examples of you being willfully ill-informed about US politics.
    Big Lutz
    Big Lutz
    Running away? I told you exactly what my concerns were and how I feel they could be alleviated. As opposed to you not even responding to what I said.
    THE big day for THE Big Lutz! Ok, well, 29 isn't particularly amazing, but still! Happy Birthday!
    Almost as weird as how our birthdays fall a day apart XD

    Speaking of which, happy birthday for yesterday! Hope it was a good one x
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