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  • Well, as I said, Fire up the Dems LOL. XDDD

    We've pretty much cemented opinions on Healthcare as I can see. A bill will pass even if it is watered down. =|

    LOL @ 30 M. XDDDD
    Bah, I can only use the Net at school now. My Mom got angry yesterday since I was checking my E-mail (aka "playing" to her >.>) and is again banned from the PC. TT^TT

    LOL. If that's the opinion you have on the speech, well there's no use discussing it. XD
    He was trying to talk directly to the American People and fire up the Democrats And dispel the rumors out there. Cuz for all we know Bi-Partisanship on this issue is dead at the floor of the Senate Finance Committee.

    But I agree it was quite disrespectful. =|
    Gosh, yeah. XD

    Well, sorry for not replying. School AP's have all of a sudden given us a workload at the first days of school. And I was watching the speech yesterday. XD
    LOL. I don't think it's stupid. The whole debate over that was over comments/ideology and not the job he did. :p

    Yeah right, then why are doctors and hospitals subjected to creating a whole new bureaucracy just to deal with the different private health insurance system. >.>
    Well, not really. I think that they pretty much got the whole Pheonicks feel off of you.

    You'll see what I mean in the Healthcare Thread. It's just that patience here ran out after 50+ pages. XDDD
    Oh? Well, perhaps with Mr. Van Jones out of the picture, we can continue dissecting ObamaCare. In the meantime, I find my focus turned toward this Friday, the very day that Jones -- dare I say it -- perversely inverted by accusing George Walker Bush and his advisors of orchestrating the whole thing. May I ask about anything else you have learned yourself regarding this "9/11 truth movement", if that's what it's called?
    LOL no. XD

    Phoenicks tried that and was clobbered to bits.

    Now if you check my Healthcare thread, you'll see how it became a circle of crazy. XD
    Now this place is like the Liberal version of Serebii. You'll be like outgunned as I was in the other place. XP
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