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  • Declaration Of Independence Was 'Illegal,' Grounds For Treason, British Lawyers Say | Fox News

    I got a chuckle out of this.
    Don't bother in the death penalty topic. RepubLOLican'ts don't listen to anything that isn't their own opinion and just repeat what the previous RepubLOLican't said until you give up arguing against them.
    since your online, Should i create a new topic for the two earthquakes that happened in Albany and Afghan Kush or should it be added to the one about the VA and CO?
    I figure it should be because the rating would not have been drpped had it not been for the debt ceiling. The two are intimately linked as the same topic. It would make sense to do so to me.
    Shouldn't this be merged into the debt ceiling thread since it's a direct result of it, and has already been modified accordingly?
    I have referred it to Evkl. and am going to send another PM outlining my case further. This time, may I request that you please respond.
    May I ask why you've not replied to my PM. That infraction was wrong and you know it, and I will be taking it to other staff members if you don't correct it. I made it clear I was talking about radical Islam in both that post and the post beneath it, so all 5 of those infractions are completely unjustified.

    Also I read that you are supposed to give a warning before which you failed to do.
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