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    Contest Octillery vs Mantine

    This is not even fair. Mantine's simply not fast enough and its attack isn't high enough to do much to Octillery. Plus when considering Moody, it would have to favor Octillery in a drawn out match. Octillery wins, and I don't even need to do the math.
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    Contest Charizard vs. Magcargo

    Even when considering Choice Band, You could then argue Shell Smash + Rock Slide would be a better strategy. When considering DD, Curse owns Charizard. There is such a little ratio here for Charizard to win a 1 on 1 it's ridiculous it's getting this many votes.
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    Contest Charizard vs. Magcargo

    Do people read nothing? Stabbed Stone Edge is 150 damage x4 or 600. Last time i Checked 600>400. And it's not about's power relative to defense which Magcargo has the advantage in
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    Contest Bidoof vs. Rattata

    I'll ignore FEAR cheesing for this argument. Who do you like more? Probably Bidoof. It's a great HM Slave so I'm impartial for that reason Who has the better design? I'll say draw right at this moment. I don't particularly like either (although I do prefer Bibarel to Raticate). Who...
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    Contest Charizard vs. Magcargo

    2 Stages=200% Raise. Here this will explain. And is that awesome. Edit: I realized my mistake. It would be doubled, Not 200% increase
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    Contest Charizard vs. Magcargo

    You know, guessing's fun. But how about math? Using psypoke's damage calculator, it is impossible for earthquake to onehitko Magcargo without any form of additional moves done to increase it's ability (248 average, 272 Max). Magcargo's Stone Edge on Charizard however, almost always does...
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    Contest Jumpluff vs. Whimsicott - Battle of the Cotton

    Which one has the better design? Whimsicott Which one is better in battle? Whimsicott. Jumpluff is just good in battle Which one is more helpful? Whimsicott Which one is your favorite? Whimsicott I guess, although it's a bit overrated Who shall win the Battle of the Cotton? Actually...
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    Opinions on's Top 100 Pokemon List

    A couple old pokemon fanboys and I are putting together a tournament at the moment to determine the King of Pokemon. We incorporated competitive battling, look and in-game. The problem was, that in the end mostly final forms were there. So we'll have a Petit Cup Later. We're down to 96, and...
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    Contest Dragonite VS Kingdra VS Flygon VS Salamence VS Garchomp VS Haxorus VS Hydreigon

    I'm not sure I agree that its the underdog by any means. Kingdras so strong, it banned an entire mode from the meta on Smogon (Drizzle, Swift Swim).
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    Contest Dragonite VS Kingdra VS Flygon VS Salamence VS Garchomp VS Haxorus VS Hydreigon

    Which one(s) have you trained personally? All but Hydreigon Which do you think is most useful in battle? Most: Garchomp, Salamence and Kingdra are all useful. Hoaxorus is far and away the least. Which do you think looks the coolest/cutest/most interesting? Flygon. It's far and away the most...
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    Contest Zoroark or Spiritomb?

    Zoroark is way beyond overrated to me. Illusion is a useless ability, aside from being a cool idea. But practicality and battleusage is nil. Spiritomb has major tank ability, and a pretty good movepool to use. It can go physical or special well, and just simply looks cool. Zoroark= Crappy...
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    Contest Pinsir vs Heracross

    Not sure about the necessity to give Heracross an evo. It's pretty strong as is imo, and with one it would be way overpowered competitively.
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    Contest Pinsir vs Heracross

    Poor Pinsir, it will always unfairly be compared to Heracross, who honestly is superior in every way aside from the x4 weakness. It's just ridiculous now that Pinsir doesn't get Megahorn, considering some of the pokemon that get it now (How are Pinsir's horns any different than Scolipedes or...
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    Which Generation was the biggest disappointment?

    Why all the votes for Gen IV? It reignited interest in the series after a lackluster third effort (which gets my vote). While it's a little early, I should note V is also underwhelming, but only compared to the previous gen (which is second only to the original imo).
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    Favorite Pokémon of each type.

    Fire: Damanitan Grass: Ludicolo Water: Swampert Steel: Scizor Fighting: Lucario Poison: Drapion Flying: Skarmory Electric: Eelektross Ground: Garchomp Rock: Rhyperior Psychic: Espeon Ice: Lapras Dark: Scrafty Dragon: Kingdra Ghost: Gengar Bug: Heracross Normal: Dunsparce