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  • I'm so sorry, I didn't see your post showing your animated avatar to me. D: Do you still need help resizing it? n_n
    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you can easily find shinies in the FS. Just try encountering as much as possible pokemon and one will pop up in the 30th-60th encounter. I have never encountered a shiny in any game of pokemon that I played and yet I managed to find 4 in FS.
    Sadly no. I'm actually trying to find someone, who has Ditto in their friend safari. Sorry :/ And breeding is tedious!!!
    Hahaha I apologize for being hasty XD Cool thanks!! :) Me too actually. I'm currently assembling parents and Dittos hahaha
    Thanks :D

    And thank you for the friend request. Btw, you have not added my FC yet. let's have a battle when you have time :)
    Maybe I can give you my friend code after I get X/Y, so we can have a battle that Smogon can frown upon. The only tiers I care about are the ones on my car.
    I agree, they've made it so unfun, and personally, I don't care about the metagame, EVs and IVs, or any of that stuff, I just care about having fun, and there's always a strategy to defeat everything, even Arceus can be defeated. Smogon simply sees everything as tiers and likes to impose rules, making battles essentially dull and robotic as opposed to fun and enjoyable.
    Thanks! After my last post, I got slammed on by three people who liked Smogon's rules, one who stated that their goal was "to stop combos that rip up the game into teeny, tiny unfair pieces", or "to provide different tiers so that Pokemon can compete against their equals." Things which I disagree with, because I don't think battling needs all these ridiculous rules and should simply be fun. I mean really, whatever happened to battling just for fun and enjoyment? I feel Smogon just takes them away.
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