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Recent content by BigBadButterfree

  1. BigBadButterfree

    What was your first shiny?

    Mine was a Machop I found while grinding in Victory Road during FR post-game. He's currently an ugly green Machamp in Sword, and I regret my 14-year-old brain naming him "MUSCLES" cuz now I can't change it lol
  2. BigBadButterfree

    What's the most embarrassing thing you used to believe about the Pokémon games?

    I clicked on this thread because the title made me remember the DS era and how my friend told me the exact same thing about the microphone. I didn't know that was such a widespread thing! Another one from gen 4, which I guess I never actually disproved, but it just sounds outlandish, is that...
  3. BigBadButterfree

    Your favorite 'obscure' character

    Ty and Gabby. I remember grinding levels with them over and over in Ruby.
  4. BigBadButterfree

    Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?

    Still not completely sure I'm gonna get one at all, but Pearl was the very first Pokemon game I bought myself, so I'd get Shining Pearl if I go for one of these. Man, I remember when the originals were new... My brother and I did the special pre-order deal for both games and got the fancy Dialga...
  5. BigBadButterfree

    The Player Characters

    Lol just call them Don and Lucy.
  6. BigBadButterfree

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Not sure what the discussion about possible Pokemon outside of the Sinnoh dex are, but there's a scene at the beginning (albeit a drawing) or Piplup and some Spheal, and... To my knowledge, Spheal wasn't in the Sinnoh dex, right? So.... There's hope, yeah? Edit: oops there's a whole thread for...
  7. BigBadButterfree

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    For those confused by cyndaquil... Could it be a reference to Mt Fuji? Either that or Cyndaquil just rounded out the trio with the other two best.
  8. BigBadButterfree

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

    Ironic that these games are neither brilliant nor shining. Lol I think the only thing I'm excited for about them is the updated soundtrack. And I don't even need to buy the games to enjoy that.
  9. BigBadButterfree

    Obscure Pokémon game trivia

    In gen V, if you're on a pokemon's summary page, you can put the stylus on the pokemon, and drawing in certain ways will do things: up and down or left and right will make it jump around, and if you draw big circles really fast, the pokemon will start to "float" upward. Lol I think back in the...
  10. BigBadButterfree

    Your favorite 'obscure' character

    Pre-gym leader Justy.
  11. BigBadButterfree

    Is two better than one?

    Not gonna lie, I honestly really like doubles. I wish the main games had more opportunities to play doubles during the story. Colosseum and xd are top-tier in my kind because of that. I also really liked triples but that's irrelevant now.
  12. BigBadButterfree

    Pokémon Masters General Discussion Thread

    Ok, I wasn't sure. The mail that talked about the l Skyla event isn't there anymore lol. Thanks!
  13. BigBadButterfree

    Pokémon Masters General Discussion Thread

    So I've gotten through the Skyla 6 star rally, I used the custom 5* tickets on her, how the heck do you get her to 6 now? I'm so confused lol
  14. BigBadButterfree

    Speculation What Pokemon Would You Like to See Get a Regional Variant?

    Marill and Azumarill, maybe? Best I can come up with is fighting/fairy, make it a little sumo wrestler. I just feel like they're a perfect candidate to get a variant. I feel like Shiftry could somehow be turned into a native American dancer, with the headdress and leaf fans, but idk what type...
  15. BigBadButterfree

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    I rarely post here but I felt like I had to share this luck of mine. I was joining Cramorant raid battles when I could at 5* in the hopes of getting a shiny. Finally, I came across one, I felt sooooo lucky. Then, on a whim, I saw that somebody was hosting a Drifblim raid battle, and what do...